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SZA's Favorite Form of Self-Care Is Something We All Can Do

If you have listened to the radio at all in the past year or so, you've heard of SZA. The neo-soul, alt-R&B singer has easily been one of the biggest breakout stars in 2017. That's precisely why she's nominated for five — five, y'all! — Grammy Awards this year. If that's not enough, she's also nominated for three IHeartRadio awards!

Aside from being a wildly talented singer and songwriter, SZA is effortlessly cool and has her own unique sense of style. Since she has been propelled into fame, SZA has been really honest about the self-doubt and insecurities she faced as a young artist. "I was just always very self-conscious about . . . not being smooth, not being cool enough," she recently told Rolling Stone.

One thing that helps her stay grounded is taking care of herself, no matter how stressful things get. "I've been working on me," SZA said in an interview with Vogue. She's doing the simple things, like washing her face twice a day, taking care of her teeth, and exfoliating for glowing skin. "You can take care of your body and it will low-key show you respect in turn," she said.


Her daily skincare routine consists of black soap and hemp oil twice a day. Additionally, to take care of her mental health, she often takes vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids. "You don't have to wonder or wish to do things, you just have to be active about caring for yourself," she said. "Just give a sh*t. I just started caring for myself."

She also told Cosmopolitan that practicing self-love makes her feel empowered. "I just started doing small sh*t, the things that I would think about in my brain," she said. "Like, I want to meditate." She also shared that getting herself up and going to church on Sunday mornings was having a positive impact on her life. "Actually getting up and doing that, it sounds really petty and really simple, but that was really changing my life."

We can't wait to see how many awards SZA goes home with after the 2018 Grammy Awards on Jan. 28!

Image Source: Getty / Theo Wargo
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