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Sadie Nardini Rock Your Yoga Interview

Yogini Sadie Nardini on the No. 1 Yoga Mistake — and an Exclusive Sequence

Sadie Nardini offers a much-welcomed edge to the yoga scene. This fierce Brooklynite is the founder of Core Strength Yoga and hosts her own show on Veria Living that's aptly named Rock Your Yoga. I was delighted to chat with Sadie and get real on the biggest mistake she sees with students, how she lost 20 pounds in just one month, and so much more. Bonus: Sadie created a 20-minute detoxing flow exclusively for FitSugar readers that you'll find at the end of the interview.

FitSugar: What were the toughest poses for you to learn to love?
Sadie Nardini: One is Navasana, the Boat pose. I would just shake and feel like I climbed a mountain every time I tried to do that pose! But over time, it was just a matter of repetition. And I eventually rocked it. I rocked that boat! The other one is Handstand. It was just my nemesis. I refused to even try Handstand for years, assuming I couldn't do it. But there are ways to chip away at those poses. Now I'm as comfortable on my hands as I am on my feet.

FS: What would you say to someone who's struggling with arm balances?
SN: First of all I'd say, "Welcome to the club!" Those are not easy poses, and everyone has issues with them, even strong guys. I tell people the most important thing is to remain in your integrity and in your power — and then we'll see where the pose is. In this moment, you can be fully rocking your alignment, building strength, building flexibility, and building courage. That to me is the value regardless of whether your feet are off the ground in Crow.

FS: What's the biggest mistake you see with students?
SN: People pointing the front of their pelvis forward and overarching their low back. It happens all the time in so many poses. People power into poses from their low-back body and that causes a ton of back pain, shoulder and neck tension, and joint compression — I call that "Yuckasana." But you just can't tuck in your tailbone, that doesn't fix the problem. You have to build each pose from the ground up, deep from your core muscles. It's a revolutionary experience to do your poses in the most optimized way.

Keep reading to learn how Sadie lost 20 pounds in one month and get her 20-minute video flow sequence.

FS: What's your diet like?
SN: Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was exercising regularly and eating pretty healthy, but I just felt so bloated. Every time I ate my stomach would hurt. Then, I finally I heard about this gluten-free thing. I went to my doctor, and I was off the charts. Without changing the amount of calories I was eating, I lost 20 pounds in one month. My body was just having an inflammatory response . . . going gluten-free really forced me into eating whole foods. When snacking, I always mix a protein with a whole-food carbohydrate and some healthy fat. Those three things really keep me full for longer and stop me from craving crap.

FS: How do you manage to stay so grounded in a busy urban environment like NYC?
SN: Life isn't going to give you peace. You have to take it. You have to make your peace with your daily routine and create space for yourself. My first priority is my nourishment, and everyone has to fit in around that. A lot of people I see flip that. They always say yes, and do what everyone else needs first. Then they see where they fit in, and you'll never fit in that scenario. You've got to commit to do you every day.

FS: What's next on your plate?
SN: Right now I'm writing a book called Core Strength. It's a 21-day program to get fierce, fit, and fabulous. It starts with a whole-spectrum diet program on how to lean towards whole foods . . . then each day you do yoga; each day has its own theme and inspiration, and then you take action steps for that day. It fits into everyone's daily busy life!

Sadie has created a 20-minute total-body flow for firming and flexibility that targets the legs, thighs, core, and arms too. It's the perfect way to detox, tone, and release tension as you move through the sequence, designed exclusively for FitSugar readers!

For more free tips and videos, see Sadie's YouTube page or her daily posts on Facebook.

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