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Bike to Work Day: Soniabonya Says, "Use Common Sense"

In honor of Bike to Work Day and Bike to Work Week, FitSugar reader Soniabonya posted this in the Sweet on Biking community group. Here's an excerpt of her post.

Today is bike to work day and all over the country, people will be dusting off their two wheelers and heading out the door to work. Some may already commute to work via pedals, while others may be testing the waters for the first time. Some know their routes in their sleep and others might have to fiddle their way around streets if there are no safe bike paths.

This morning so far I've seen 53 cyclists on the road from commuting to work and making deliveries. It's barely going to be 10 a.m. Meanwhile there must be hundreds more around the busy Bay Area busting their butts on the pavement, maneuvering through traffic, and making their actions heard. Some may do it just because it's a special day and figured they'd try something new. Some do it for health, others for the challenge and the mere enjoyment of being on a bike on the road. For whatever the reason, we all have to be aware of one another.


Over on Central Expressway, Sports Basement and Applied Materials popped up a little tent, a fueling station as it were, to the cycling commuterists. While I was at a stop light, I saw a cyclist I passed before, approach the intersection. The flow of traffic going his way stopped at the red, but he kept right on going through the intersection, right into the path of the two cars turning on their green light in the turning lane. Luckily, the cars he flew in front of jerked to a halt, avoiding a collision, as he continued on only to stop several seconds later at the fueling station.

To hear the rest, check out her post here. And if you're not into biking, check out these other community groups: RunningSugar for all your running questions, Yoga Stretch and Tell if you're a yogi, and if you're into healthy eating, check out the Healthy Recipe Group.

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