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Sandra Bullock's Fitness Regimen For the Golden Globes

Get the Bod: Sandra Bullock

At this year's Golden Globe Awards, Sandra Bullock was looking lovely in a purple evening gown and glowing from her win for Best Actress for The Blind Side. When I saw the red carpet pics of Sandra that night I was impressed by how toned her arms and upper body look — her fitness routine must be paying off!

To stay in shape, it's all about variety for Sandra, and though she also tries to work out every day, she doesn't beat herself up if she misses a few weeks. Besides running and biking, the star incorporates Pilates, plyometrics, weights, and kickboxing into her fitness routine — phew! Sandra must know that changing up your workout is a great way to stay motivated and not get bored with a fitness regimen. If you're not familiar with plyometrics, or jump training, I encourage you to give it a try. You can easily add it into a walking routine or when strength training. By including jumping exercises like jump roping or jumping squats into an existing workout, you use new muscle groups and burn more calories. It's also just a lot of fun!

To learn what Sandra's diet is like,


Sandra keeps her diet healthy by making meal plans for the week and giving herself one cheat day to eat whatever she wants. A healthy meal for her might include brown rice, black beans, and steamed veggies. When cheat day rolls around, she doesn't hold back! Viennese pastries, cookie dough, and bacon-covered chocolate are on her list of indulgent snacks.

Congrats Sandra! We're all anxiously awaiting to find out if your name will be on the Oscars list.

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ella1978 ella1978 7 years
kclulu.. im with you... chocolate will never be out :)
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I love doing plyometrics and jumping rope...there's nothing better for defining your quads.
nutrihuney nutrihuney 7 years
when sandra lived in Austin in the late 90s/early 00s I would see her training at my gym. she has always been in fantastic shape and has greatest gams i have ever seen. i never saw her doing cardio - just lifting weights with a trainer. i am glad to hear she admits to having to work on her figure but isnt afraid to splurge once in a while.
kclulu kclulu 7 years
Just one of the perks for training for a marathon is I will indulge on the days that I do my long runs. It can be quite motivating when you are getting a little tired at mile 15 to know when you get home you can have some yummy pizza (not the greasy meat lovers kind but the chicken, veggies and cheese kind) as a reward. I have found that over the years of improving my diet, I don't really care for greasy, fatty food even when I can afford to indulge. Chocolate, of course, is always the exception:) And I am with her on meal planning. As time consuing as it can be to pick meals, figure out the grocceries you need and go grocery shopping, it really does help keep you on track. Knowing you have something to make at home helps to avoid the - it is late, I am hungry and tired so I am going to grab something - pattern you can get into.
Markissimo Markissimo 7 years
Bacon-covered chocolate or vice versa?
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I try to do the same with a cheat day. When I got my hours cut and wasn't working on Fridays, I used to do a huge workout, and use that at my cheat day. Now it's sort of moved to Saturday. It keeps you motivated during the week, to know that if you are really craving an egg roll, or a piece of cake, you can have that at the end of the week. Granted i still allow myself a piece of chocolate, or a fudge pop or something like that during the week too - but I think that the weekend cheat is a nice release. Still watch calories and don't over indulge - that's my only advice.
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