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Sarah MG's Bike: Electra Townie 3

Sarah MG's Bike: Electra Townie 3

I have become obsessed with a bike Sarah Michelle Gellar has been photographed with recently. Not only is it an urban/cruiser bike, it's hot pink! The basket full of fresh looking veggies stole my heart too. Oh how I could picture myself riding to the farmers' market on this bike, with those veggies, in those heels... Wait, scratch the part about the heels, while they are cute, I prefer more sensible shoes while biking. Since these pics are from a photo shoot for Maybelline, the heels can be excused.

The bike however I must have. After much searching, and with a little help from Arthur (Sugar's very own on-site bike expert), I've located the bike. Want to learn about it? Then

The Electra Townie 3 ($390.00) reminds me of the first bike I ever had, just a little bigger and a little more updated. This adorable (and functional) bike offers a low center of gravity for full leg extension, which combine to increase comfort and pedaling torque compared to many comfort-category bikes. Also, if you are an unsure rider, this means your feet are able to lay flay on the ground if you ever feel totally unstable. The platform pedals require no special shoes (maybe you could even wear heels), and the full-length chainguard keeps dirt and oil off the legs of your pants so you can participate in bike to work day every day! Buy one on


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