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Healthy Snack Shortcut: Whole Wheat and Cinnamon

Last night, a craving for a gooey cinnamon roll hit me. Given the amount of calories and fat in one, it was a craving I didn't want to indulge in. But when the taste of cinnamon and sugar wouldn't leave my brain, I trekked into the kitchen to find a healthier way to satisfy it. Usually when this sort of craving hits, I do a warm apple or pear crisp, but it's Summer and apples and pears are nowhere to be found.

Remembering a favorite from my childhood, I made a piece of cinnamon-sugar toast. I swapped out the white bread for whole wheat and barely put any sugar on it. Instead of a rich cream cheese frosting or butter, I opted for a small amount of nonfat cream cheese instead. The result tasted delicious and totally satisfied my craving for a cinnamon roll. It was warm, gooey, and had the perfect amount of sweetness. A friend of mine also does something similar whenever she craves a pastry. She warms up a whole wheat tortilla and gives it a light filling of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Or, if she wants something more custard-like, she makes whole wheat cinnamon french toast minus the maple syrup. What healthy ways do you satisfy pastry and cake cravings?

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