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Saturated Fat Amounts in Food

Fat Talk: Saturated Fats

My hubby is having an affair, with bacon. He's in love with those crispy, salty strips, so much that he probably eats it every day; with his eggs, on his sandwich, on his dinner salad, heck, he even likes it for dessert. The love affair doesn't end there. He's also having serious relationships with beef, mayo, cheese, and ice cream. Being the health nut and caring wife I am, it's a constant battle with us, as I try to get him to cut back. "It's protein," he argues. "It's saturated fat," I plead.

Saturated fats are "the bad fats." They're often solid at room temperature, like butter, and are in no way essential to your health. Most saturated fats come from animals and are found in meat, eggs, and dairy products. Some are found in vegetable oils such as palm, palm kernel, and coconut oils. The reason they're so unhealthy is because they're hard to digest and full of cholesterol, which clogs your arteries. Clogged arteries increase your risk for high cholesterol, which puts you at risk for heart problems.

The American Heart Association recommends that you limit your saturated fat intake to "less than 7 percent of your total calories." That means, if you're consuming about 2,000 calories a day, eat less than 16 grams of saturated fat.


Since I know a vegetarian diet is out of the question for my meat-loving man, I made up a little chart so he knows how much saturated fat is in the foods he craves. That way, he can still enjoy them without overdoing it. To see the chart


Food Amount Saturated fat (g)
Mayonnaise 1 tablespoon 1.5
Unsalted butter 1 tablespoon 7.3
Sour cream 1 tablespoon 1.6
Cheddar cheese 1 oz slice 5.9
Lowfat milk (2%) 1 cup 3.1
Half and half cream 1 tablespoon 1.1
Egg 1 large 1.5
Bacon 1 medium strip 1.2
Hamburger patty 1/3 pound 8
Filet Mignon steak 6 oz. 6
Hot dog 1 frank 6
Pork sausage 2 oz. 9
Pork spare ribs 3 oz. 9.5
Roasted drumstick (with skin) 1.8 oz. 1.6
Beef pastrami (deli meat) 5 slices 3.8
Ham (deli meat) 5 slices 4.1
French fries Large (5.4 oz.) 3.5
Pepperoni pizza 1 slice 5.3
Vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup 11
Cheesecake 1 slice (1/12 of 9-inch cake) 16

After seeing this chart, do you eat too much saturated fat each day?

Source: Flickr User JOE MARINARO

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