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Save Calories by Substituting Salsa For Salad Dressing

Healthy Eating Tip: Use Salsa as Salad Dressing

If you're looking to cut calories at lunchtime (or anytime really), ditch the fatty salad dressings and try topping your veggies with salsa instead. This south of the border condiment is incredibly low in calories; two tablespoons contains just eight calories. The tangy tomato concoction offers a spicy kick with plenty of flavor to go around, making salads anything but dull.

If you're not into spicy salsas, try a milder roasted corn or bean salsa to dress a green salad. I find that sweet corn salsa goes great with smoked salmon and cucumber. Or, mix a chunky tomato salsa into a combination of black beans and corn for a lettuce-less salad. You won't even miss the dressing.

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