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Say GoodBye to the "Milk Your Diet" Ads

Say GoodBye to the "Milk Your Diet" Ads

Have you seen these ads?

Well you won't be seeing them for much longer. The promotional arm of the dairy industry has been asked by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to curtail the ad campaign since research doesn't support the claim. It is not much of a surprise that the initial research backing this claim was partially funded by the dairy industry. The ads suggest that three servings of low fat or skim milk dairy products a day can help people become slim. The “Body by Milk” ad campaign that was aimed at teenagers and featured Carrie Underwood will be curtailed as well.

The FTC will still allow the dairy council to continue asserting that adults and children should not avoid milk and milk products because of concerns that they may lead to weight gain. So the research found three servings of dairy doesn't make you gain weight, which is a far cry from the claim that it helps you lose weight.

I for one love milk and dairy products, but I do not like false exaggerated claims to sell me something.

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