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Science Backs Up the Neti Pot

I am firm believer in fighting my seasonal allergies with a neti pot. Rinsing with it the daily, which once seemed super hippie to me, flushes the irritating pollen away. Formally known as "nasal irrigation," neti pots have become an increasingly popular alternative for coping with seasonal allergies. That is because the neti pot works.

Unlike decongestants, which can lead to "rebound" congestion, using a neti pot does not irritate the nasal passages or dry them out. Plus, decongestants lead to dryness all over and disrupt the natural lubrication system of your lady business. A couple of studies found using a saline solution for nasal irrigation not only decreased allergy symptoms but also decreased the need for steroid nasal sprays. Plus, neti pots are inexpensive when compared to prescription nasal sprays. Three cheers for the neti pot! What I want to know now is, do you neti?


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