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The Secrets of Thin People

Do you ever look at that girl sitting next to you at work, the one who seems to be constantly eating but still thin, and wonder what is her secret? Real Simple has recently revealed some secrets of thin people, how they get there and how they stay there.

  • Thin people favor bulky foods.
  • Thin people watch portion sizes.
  • Thin people can put themselves first.
  • Thin people have thin parents.
  • Thin people don’t skip meals.
  • Thin people limit their options.
  • There's more secrets, so

  • Thin people live in Colorado.
  • Thin people don’t sit still.
  • Thin people weigh themselves.
  • Thin people don’t skip breakfast.
  • Thin people enjoy their food.
  • Thin people practice early intervention.
  • Thin people do what works.

Visit Real Simple to read the full article.

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