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Serena and Venus Endorsing Oreos?

It looks like the Williams sisters are endorsing Oreos. Yes. Oreos. And not just regular Oreos. Double Stuf Oreos. Serena and Venus announced that they're joining the DSRL - Double Stuf Racing League and they're "battling" Eli and Peyton Manning. I'm not entirely sure what this new "sport" is but I'm thinking it has to do with a glass of milk and some twisting, licking, and dunking action. I saw this commercial while watching the US Open and then again during the first NFL game. The ad left me confused. I mean I know these tennis champs can't possibly be enforcing these cookies where the first ingredient is sugar, the second enriched flour, and the fifth is high fructose corn syrup, right? And they sure don't need the money or the fame. Check out the commercial below and tell me what you think. Does this make you feel differently about these female athletes or is this all in good fun?

To hear what the Williams sisters had to say about Oreos and this new campaign


“Oreo cookies and milk were a tradition in our house growing up, and my sister and I fondly remember twisting, licking and dunking them together,” said Venus. “It was only natural to continue that tradition as adults, which is why we jumped at the chance to be a part of the DSRL.”

“And because we love a friendly rivalry, it’ll be fun to show the Mannings what real DSRL competition is like! They’re going down,” Serena said.

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