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Has Therapy Helped You Deal With Body Issues?

Though many of us may be pressed to find anything wrong with Shakira's body, it didn't always feel that way to her. The pop star told the UK's Fabulous Magazine that she spent the majority of her 20s wishing she was something other than herself: "I wished I was taller, had longer legs, slimmer hips, a smaller bottom, even straighter hair . . ." To deal with feelings of body insecurity Shakira began therapy in 2001 — something she still does today. The pop seductress credits the hours she's spent talking to her therapist for helping her feel comfortable with what she sees in the mirror.

She should feel good, too. With the help of celeb trainer Tracy Anderson and "working her butt off," Shakira has managed to keep herself looking curvy and incredibly strong. The musician says that she stays in shape by working out every day either by running, dancing, or going to the gym. To keep her looking lean, Tracy also has Shakira on a diet of mainly fish, fresh vegetables, and limited fats.

Having low self-esteem and body issues is not uncommon, especially among women. Like Shakira, many turn to therapy for help. Tell me . . .

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Bumble-baby Bumble-baby 4 years
Exercise definitely and vitamin D tabs definitely helped me more to regain confidence in myself - therapy when it comes to body issues can be difficult (you get a lot of psychiatrists who think it's ALL surface problems and that you are 'silly' for buying into the media - when they are supposed to help you cope with the pressure the media puts onto women.
Bumble-baby Bumble-baby 4 years
Body issues are seriously detrimental to ones self esteem, I have had moments where I couldn't leave the house or watch TV! It makes me feel less alone when I realise people as famous as this have similar issues, it's actually almost harder when everyone who looks at you thinks you're perfect but you see differently because you feel like you're going insane!
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
If exercise is therapy then yet, it has helped tremendously! ha ha!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Aw, man, Shakira jumped on the Tracy Anderson bandwagon too? What's the world coming to? I've gone to therapy to help with various emotional issues along with body image issues. Most of what I was struggling with was that my new, thin body was not how I imagined it would be. When I was fat, I didn't have body issues because I always figured that I had a great body under the fat and it was just a matter of getting in shape. When I did get a lot thinner, I was surprised that my body was still remarkably similar to my fat body. I was just smaller and had more definition. I didn't sprout longer legs or grow big boobs. One thing I learned in therapy was to look at myself naked a lot to get comfortable with how I looked. It helped me to see my body for what it is now and not remember what it used to look like when I was fatter.
Asia84 Asia84 7 years
She's said that she goes to therapy before in interviews. She isn't going JUST because she hates her thighs. She goes to a psychoanalyst to basically deal with all the other stuff she has to deal with being a public figure. And she does it more or less to keep herself in check (versus snapping like Britney did). With a singer, they have to be more aware of their looks. The rest of us can have a pudge, or some spider veins and still go to work everyday. SHE has to worry if some things are going to be criticized. Her job is highly based on her looks! You get fat, you can lose your record deal. (Let Rihanna gain 30 lbs in the wrong places) Celebs (the gals in particular) are constantly being compared to each other. That's on top of the normal stuff we girls go through. I don't think she ever hated her body and was in fetal position somewhere. I think she just stated that she DOES have hang ups and doesn't think she's perfect. She made a good point too. As you get older, you start to accept what you got. You may work out or wear eye creams, but you learn to work with what you got instead of feel kinda cruddy when you got a bit of muffin poppin' over the top of your jeans.
1apple 1apple 7 years
It made the world of difference for me when I had an eating disorder. Books by Geneen Roth also helped, as did the book Overcoming Overeating.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Not really. I went to therapy briefly when I was younger but never really talked about my body issues. I mean, it probably helped anyway by getting some other crap out of the way, but it didn't focus on my eating issues specifically and I didn't want to talk about them.
Chelsea25 Chelsea25 7 years
I agree with ticamorena.I would swap for Shakiras body in a heartbeat. I started working out just under a year ago and my body has changed so much. I expected to lose weight all over and my biggest problem was my love handles. How wrong i was. Over the course of the year ive gone down a cup size and a half (I was small to begin with so you can imagine), lost all my hips and my butt which I had loved. It was like I woke up one morning and poof. All gone. I know you cant spot save and spot gain but man I miss my old shape and trying to gain weight in the right places (i.e. not my midsection) has been difficult and im nowhere near there yet. Its weird being on this side of the spectrum and I worry about my body more now than I ever did. So I sort of get how Shakira could feel insecure. To keep my insecurities in check I make it a point to remember that Im much healthier and physically stronger than Ive ever been. I also went from being ill constantly with the flu colds and coughs to not having one sniffle for 8 months. you cant put a price on your health. Now If could just think this way all the time.....
ticamorena ticamorena 7 years
Oh man, if you feel that way Shakira, we could do a body swap because yours is my dream figure - shorter, curvier, curly hair... Body issues are pretty low in the list of things I would see a therapist for (ie, the plethora of non-body related issues I have are a more preoccupying problem);with that said, I learnt to appreciate my body for the things it has given me that are not related to the way it looks i.e. strength, great immune system, plenty of energy etc because I've accepted that my body will change - I've being underweight, now working out and gaining muscle-tone, trying to get my curves back - and you have to learn to at least value your body no matter its appearance.
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