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Share Your Weight Loss Story: FitSugar Community Question

A Reader Asks: What Is Your Weight Loss Story?

FitSugar reader RGN89 posed this question in our Get Fit For 2010 community group.

I am trying to shed a few pounds by healthy diet and exercise. I would like to hear other members weight loss stories and how they did it.

Please share your story in the comments section below. Have a burning health or fitness question? Then join our FitSugar Q and A group and ask the community for advice.

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kmkomatz kmkomatz 5 years
I lost 107 pounds by going to Weight Watchers and doing Zumba classes 4-5 times a week. In the summer I do water aerobics, swim laps, workout in the gym, and then Zumba class.
ayryou ayryou 5 years
In Dec. 2004, Ms. Hearns was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the time she weighed over 380 pounds; choosing to live by faith she skipped the surgery for the cancer and the weight loss. Instead she began to research and creates a new lifestyle all on her own with dramatic results. She has now loss 230 pounds and feeling great. Her company founded in October of 2010, named AYR, INC stands for Are YOU Ready is a weight management program customizes to teach and help other live a healthier lifestyle and extend their mortality. The A.Y.R. Society Miss Hearns has constructed is a "Private Membership" of men and women who are dedicated to live by faith and A.Y.R. their chemical dependencies. This lifestyle is not just for someone that wants to lose weight, but for anyone who is open and willing to be rehabilitated through the wellness education classes, hands-on learning, counseling and support that she provides Miss Hearns obtains her members through careful screening, as this program is an extreme change of life for anyone accepted into the program. The design is for any race/gender over the age of 18 who wants the ultimate solution to co-exist in an artificial world and add years to their life. Whether its obesity, a physical situation or maybe you want an improvement in your "quality" of life; A.Y.R. is bringing back the old generation's world of healthy energetic living into modern society. Miss Hearns has been positioned by GOD to change the lives of many. CLICK ON THE LINK AND WATCH MY MIRACLE: ARE YOU READY?? COME SEE MY TESTIMONY HOW I WENT FROM FAT TO FAB ON MY YOU TUBE VIDEO.. LOSS 230 POUNDS ON MY OWN THE NATURAL WAY AND SURVIVING BREAST CANCER. A TRUE MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL STORY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER YOU SET OUT TO DO AND TRIUMPH THOSE HURDLES GOD BLESS :)
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
I love all the success stories, especially the weight watchers ones because I joined a few weeks ago and love it! Already down 7lbs... I also started running and doing more active things. It seems the only key is a balanced diet and exercise: NO GIMMICKS, NO TRICKS!
nic222 nic222 6 years
I have just passed the year mark for starting my new lifestyle. I met with a trainer of a friend of mine. We talked about meeting once a week for 30 mins and joining the gym with the idea that I would put in my own time working out. One year later, I now see my trainer twice a week and go to the gym 2-3 times pending my schedule. I have lost 52 pounds, averaging a pound a week. I'd like to lose 50 more pounds, but will be happy with 40 more lost. I never thought it was something I could do! I gained 80 pounds during/after a bout of depression. I ate, drank and smoke heavily and it took its toll on me. Now, I am smoke-free, vegetarian and drink on occasion, but not to excess. My diet is healthy and typically is 1500 calories per day, though I don't count anymore as I am very conscious of what I eat and what is too much. I eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks during the day which usually consist of fruit or veggies, but sometimes nuts as a treat. I don't drink diet soda, but club soda if I need something bubbly, but usually just water. I do drink coffee and tea. My energy level has skyrocketed and I never thought that people were right when they said you will have energy and feel great after working out. I am one of those people that does not like to work out, but I love to lift and see my trainer. I still struggle with cardio and would love to be able to run longer distances, but I can run for about 10-12 mins on the treadmill now. Diet makes a big difference, but so does working out. I started at 230 pounds and am currently at 178. My goal is 140. I hope to get there by spring! Would be happy to discuss further or answer questions! :)
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I was always kind of heavy as a teen (160-165 lbs at 5'3") because I was a bookworm that hated all exercise. I ate basically healthy food, but WAY too much of it. When I left for college, I took advantage of the freedom of being away from home and started pigging out on everything and gained 30 lbs in 3 months. I realize that at 190 lbs, I was NOT healthy and my clothes were all too small. I decided to do Weight Watchers on my own (I had done it in the past for short bursts of time in high school when my mom and dad did it). I found the program to be easy to follow and very do-able on a college kid's budget. I started to make better choices (fruit and cereal for breakfast instead of donuts and Poptarts, turkey sandwich on wheat bread instead of a bacon cheeseburger for lunch, etc.) and I started walking more. I managed to get down to about 140 lbs without really even exercising just by the diet changes I had made. Then I started walking a LOT more and I started running. Pretty soon, I could run a mile nonstop and then 2, 3, 4, etc. I kept up with the WW program and got down to my current weight of 105. I've had to replace some of the running with the elliptical trainer, only because I have tendonitis in my ankles that causes me issues. I still loosely follow WW and exercise almost daily for about 60-90 minutes and I've kept the weight off for 10 years now.
blackbirdjoy blackbirdjoy 6 years
I started in February and started using the elliptical and workout dvds. I didn't see any weight loss for a good month and I was eating super healthy and clean. Then around march the weight started coming off. I've lost 70 lbs so far ...I still have about another 70 to go. I started running and I'm actually going to run my first 10K on Sunday. It's funny to think that back in April I couldn't even run a full minute without having to stop. Now I do about five workouts or so a week - about three runs, some strength and I also do kenpo and kickboxing classes. I eat organic (after reading Master your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels) and no processed foods and stick to around 1400 cals a day. I still have a while to go, but I'm going to keep with it. I feel awesome!
2muchtv 2muchtv 6 years
In high school, I gained 30 lbs because we were no longer required to do PE, and my dad started to pick me up from the bus stop (bad idea). In college, I lost it after a year. Basically, I started going to the gym. I took step classes 5 days a week that were designed for 30 min cardio, 20 strength, and 10 stretching. I also gave up eggs (I don't like eggs, but I ate them in baked goods, which meant drastically lowered junk food.) It also helped that I lived 20 minutes on a hill away from my classes, so I ended up walking an hour a day to get to class. What I learned: 1. Reduce, but don't eliminate junk food (I was creative in the junk that I did eat). 2. I pretty much stopped snacking between meals, since I lived in the dorm and only ate when I went to the dining hall. If you eat a proper meal with enough protein, you really shouldn't have to snack. Instead of 3 400C meals + 2 150C snacks, I just included my fruit snack as a part of my meal. 3. 1 hour of intense exercise everyday. 4. Incorporate activity into your day (in my case, it was walking to class). But, if you have a desk job, every hour, leave the building (or find a less populated spot in your building) to do either 10 burpees (with the pushup) or walk 2 flights of stairs. Takes five minutes and people won't notice that you're gone.
Zulkey Zulkey 6 years
I lost mine in three waves basically: 1.) Therapy. I was a binge eater and it took me a long time to realize I needed professional help with my problem. I lost weight simply through cutting down binging, and I'd say that feeling more in control with food is as valuable as having lost weight, if not moreso. 2.) A nutritionist. Like most people I had been brainwashed by various diet fads over the years (carbs are bad!). After my work was mostly done with the therapist I started seeing a nutritionist to help me fine tune my diet and behavior. 3.) Exercise: I have a good personal trainer who got me into running and exercise has basically become second nature for me. This helps me 'buy back' calories I think--I can eat a little bit more while maintaining my weight than I could otherwise. All this is combined with a rather self-competitive attitude and a good portion of vanity (I like looking good in my clothes, so sue me) as well as the knowledge that it's an everyday thing and that a couple days off the wagon won't kill you and hating yourself is one of the least effective ways of improving your health.
creedy218 creedy218 6 years
Weight watchers had helped me loss 58 lbs today and i am still moving along :)
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
Mine is not nearly as impressive as everyone here (GREAT WORK EVERYONE!!!) I also didn't start this lifestyle to lose weight, more so to breathe easier and feel better all over. I got lean (very important, not the inches/pounds but the look of it all) and shed about 8lbs (down to my high school weight!) over the course of the last 5 months by: 1. 1hr cardio 4-5 times a week 2. Light strength training 2-3 days a week (as well as the "one hundred push ups" program) 3. Cutting my soda/sugary drink intake to 2 glasses/cans a week (from 2 A DAY, crazy!) 4. Replacing my daily snacks at work/home with fruit and vegetables and LOTS of fiber (my favorite thing ever!)
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
Wow, I don't have a very dramatic weight loss story like some of those listed above, but I've lost about 13 pounds over the course of the past year. I cut back to 1200 calories a day and moved my workouts from four times a week to six times a week, and added yoga and pilates to my cardio. I recommend the daily plate for calorie counting. It sounds like you want to lose some vanity weight, which is what I needed to do as well. If so, I recommend doing it slowly by making lifestyle changes (as others have mentioned). Still trying to knock off those last five pounds to get to my dream weight!
hex913 hex913 6 years
I gained nearly 50lbs over the last 5 years, I am 5'2" and earlier this year I weighed 185lbs. I was so down about myself all the time, and I tried so many things to lose weight, but nothing seemed to stick, I'd just get more depressed, and gain more weight. But, something happened in my brain in June. I'm not sure what, but something motivated me to get off my butt and get healthy (maybe it was that my clothes didn't fit me any more??). This time it stuck! I decided to join Weight Watchers, and committed myself to going to the meetings every week and following the plan to the letter (the best part is I can still eat the foods I love, I just eat less of them!). Then at the end of July, I decided to start training for a 5K run with the Couch to 5K program. Since June I've lost 24lbs, and I can now run more than 2 miles without needing to walk. This is HUGE for me, because I was the poster-child of out-of-shape couch potatoes everywhere! I've still got a long way to go until I'm at a weight that I am comfortable with, but how far I have come brings tears to my eyes, especially when I look at pictures of myself from April, just before I started this, when I was at my heaviest. Losing weight and getting healthy really is a mental challenge, that's what always stopped me in the past. I've reconditioned my brain to give me encouraging messages, rather than discouraging me from trying. Good luck on your journey!
zeze zeze 6 years
Mine isn't as impressive and technically it is not as much of a weight loss story in the traditional sense. I'm naturally a small girl, but in law school I gained about 30lbs without even noticing it. When I finally did I did the whole "eat subway" thing. I knew nothing about nutrition and dieting or any of that - after getting sick of subs I learned about calorie counting, the nutrition in some calorie heavy foods (avocados) and how great grains and beans can be for you with costing you a million calories. Now I am back to my normal routine, since I basically know what all the calorie content is, by habit I know how much I'm eating when I eat and just being conscious of it makes me eat better and control portions, even though it is not really a conscious thing that I work at. It's been amazing I lost 35lbs and I'm healthier. if only I could get on the exercise bandwagon! I did that for a short while, went running/walking/biking early on, but once I lost most of the weight and found out food is really where the lbs drop off, I stopped and can't seem to get into it.
100lbsandcountin 100lbsandcountin 6 years
This is all so inspiring! check out my blog .
benheld benheld 6 years
At 5'9:, I was at 190 lbs., and now I'm down to 155 lbs. While I'd like to lose maybe 10 more, I'm super happy, energetic, and comfortable with my body. I started with exercise, and then gradually started making healthier food decisions like swapping my daily bagel & cream cheese for cereal with skim milk. Diana's right, I think the best approach to weight loss is small, small lifestyle changes. Start with something that seems too easy. Like walking 10 minutes a day, or drinking water instead of soda. There's this podcast called "Fat 2 Fit" radio that I absolutely love, that's all really good commonsense, good advice about healthy weight loss. Maybe give it a try. :)
Diana615 Diana615 6 years
I once weighed 246 pounds. I did it baby steps. The first week, I did away with 2nd portions. The second week I did away with fried foods. The 3rd week I started walking and easy exercising. The fourth week I upped my exercise and started portion control. The fifth week I started a food journal and didn't go over 1500 calories a day. The 6th week I started journaling carbs, fat and sodium intake. I got down to 116 lbs. ( This was 15 years ago I lost the weight, taking it off is easy keeping it off is the hard part). I'm still at 116lbs. If I want chocolate have a small piece in moderation. You have to make lifestyle changes if you want to keep it off. I HATE the word diet, it's about healthy choices. It's also about the small things like parking further from the door, taking the steps etc. Good Luck. My changes in life made a huge difference in not only the way I look & feel, but inenergy and self-esteem. It's not rocket science, it comes down to simply less in-more out.
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