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Shaun T's Diet and Exercise Tips For Last-Minute Summer Prep

Insanity's Shaun T's Last-Minute Diet and Exercise Tips

Shaun T, the personal trainer who's motivated millions with his at-home workouts, knows how to get people in shape in a short amount of time. After all, his Insanity workout program promises incredible results in just 60 days of sweating and jumping in front of your TV.

With Summer a mere few weeks away, we spoke with Shaun about how to get in shape for anything — whether it's a beach holiday, wedding, or event — when you've only got a little time. Find out his recommendations below!

Watch your drink calories: "Don't drink your calories. That's the number one rule of thumb: not to drink your calories. It will eliminate so many calories in your body. Everybody knows that sugar that's not burnt off eventually turns into fat," says Shaun, who's also holding live workouts nationwide to promote his partnership with Powerade Zero. Shaun recommends portion control and cutting the amount of sugars and carbs in your diet in half, but "still ensure you have enough energy during the day," he says.


Kick it up a notch: "If you're a person who works out at the gym, try to take [fewer] breaks," Shaun recommends. "If you're a weight lifter, while you're not doing weights, try to do some different cardio exercise in between to try to ramp up the calorie burn."

Keep reading for more of Shaun T's last-minute diet and exercise advice!

Go for full body: There's no way you're going to spot-train your way to your beach body. "You've got to do a full-body workout so your whole body is moving and burning calories and functionally training so you can see results from all over," Shaun recommends.

Do your research: You'll be more likely to stick with a workout routine that you love, so don't be flippant when picking a workout. "Choose something that you're going to have fun doing," Shaun says. "Search it out; don't just jump into a program because your friends are doing it. Look at it, review it, and make sure you're gonna have fun. And if you're gonna have fun with that and, on top of that, you have someone who wants to do it with you, you can't go wrong."

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uzair123 uzair123 5 years
Hey, Shaun T is a top man! Have a problem though, need some advice so if someone can respond i'd appreciate it thanks. I started Insanity last week with me and my brother, he's lost 4lb in 1 week which is great! But for me i've put on 0.7kg. Which has put me down. My brother is 25, and is around 16stone with mostly fat. I am just under 14 with fat aswell as muscle. My diet is nothing amazing, but i watch my portion sizes and dont eat junk .Doing insanity i have just put on weight on either fat or muscle? really confused. The workouts i am sweating like crazy. So if someone can get back to me about why this has happened I'd appreciate it, thankyou. \u00a0 I was 92.7kg starting weight, been a week and now am 93.4kg.\u00a0
Glen2671102 Glen2671102 5 years
Great article good information on nutrition\u00a0\u00a0
Dare-You-To Dare-You-To 5 years
Agreed about watching drink calories and limiting sugars and starchy carbs. I slim down quickly and debloat without wheat
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