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Sheila Kelley's S-Factor

Sheila Kelley's S-Factor

Have you heard all the buzz about Sheila Kelley's S Factor yet?

After seeing photos of Lindsay Lohan heading to S Factor class, hearing Oprah rave about Sheila Kelley and knowing that Kate Hudson and Teri Hatcher have expressed their love for this class, I had to see what the excitement was all about for myself. So, I bashfully made my way over to an intro class to see. Walking into the studio was terrifying, to say the least, as I saw the two shiny poles flickering in the red hue of the lights...

Want to read the rest of my experience at Sheila Kelley's S Factor? Then,


Turns out, my preconceived notions that I would be doing crude things against a pole in a room full of oversexed women were totally wrong! The class has a high focus on getting warmed up, stretching the hips and chest and just getting used to moving slowly and sensually rather than jumping right into the whole 'stripper' thing. The lights are turned down low. It's dark enough that you don't feel like anyone can possibly be watching you, but light enough that you can eyeball the instructor to see what the heck she is doing. The movement is slow and controlled and you'd be surprised at how much you work your abs. The end of the class is 'pole tricks' time and by that point I was ready to swing around the pole, just to see if I had it in me... and I sure did!

I had a fabulous time at my intro. I felt that my muscles got a workout and other women who were there for the same reasons as me, not because they were sexed up vixens looking to improve their skills, surrounded me. The whole thing was a lot of fun and boy, if I didn't know how to arch my back before I sure do now. S Factor is a great, and very unique workout for anyone looking to tone the muscles, firm the body, increase flexibility, promote weight loss and elevate energy levels.

The S Factor was designed by actress Sheila Kelley to achieve specific health benefits, including physical fitness and stress reduction, as well as to cultivate sensuality, self-confidence and a positive body image. Sheila Kelley describes the movement as:

“The S Factor is about women rediscovering their own shapes and their muscles, overtly, playfully and unabashedly. We’re teaching women a body language they’ve been told not to explore.”

Once you've completed the introduction you can start your explorations in a series of classes. Classes run in eight-week-long sessions and meet once a week for two hours. There are seven levels of S Factor, each level increasing in difficulty. You'll need to complete a session to move on to the next level. Each class in a session builds on the skills learned in the last class so students are encouraged to attend the classes in order.

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