Skip Nav Joins the Sugar Team!!!

I’ve got some great news for you guys! (No, it’s not that they’ve finally found the magic bullet for weight loss, but it’s just as exciting.), a fabulous and fun online resource for finding that specific thing you’ve been scouring the Internet for, has gotten even sweeter. Yes that’s right, ShopStyle has joined our Sugar family and we couldn’t be more delighted!

Need a great new pair of running shoes that are not only supportive, but also match that cool wicking tank you’ve also been eyeballing? ShopStyle will help you find the perfect pair faster than it takes you to warm-up for your jog. Need new yoga pants for attaining the optimal downward dog? With ShopStyle you’ll easily find the cutest and most flexible pair. So welcome ShopStyle to our family by joining in on the fun – I can’t wait to see all your great finds!

Check out these two fun looks for working out that I threw together in just a few minutes. Now only if I could claim the same for when I get dressed in the morning!

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