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Short Elliptical Intervals to Burn Calories Fast

I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again: If pressed for time, don't skip the gym altogether — just shorten your workout.

When you're pressed for time, use this quick elliptical workout I created. It's only 22 minutes long including warm up and cool down, and features really short and effective intervals. Using quick intervals makes the workout intense and is great for burning calories. Remember to work honestly within your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and work between easy (1-3), medium (4-7), and hard (8-10) amounts of exertion.

Set incline to 20 percent and get working:

Warm Up

00:00-03:00 Resistance 3

03:00-05:00 Resistance 5

Quicky Intervals For 5 minutes

Resistance between 5 and 7

05:00-05:08, RPE 8-10

05:08-05:20, RPE 4-7

05:20-05:28, RPE 8-10

05:28-05:40, RPE 4-7

05:40-05:48, RPE 8-10

05:48-06:00, RPE 4-7

Repeat 4 more times


10:00-12:00, level 7, Backward, RPE 3-4

Focus on your hamstrings

Quicky Intervals For 5 minutes

Resistance between 5 and 7

12:00-12:08, RPE 8-10

12:08-12:20, RPE 4-7

12:20-12:28, RPE 8-10

12:28-12:40, RPE 4-7

12:40-12:48, RPE 8-10

12:48-13:00, RPE 4-7

Repeat 4 more times

Cool Down

17:00-20:00 level 5

20:00-22:00 level 3

To make the workout even more varied, focus on your arms powering the motion during the intervals on even minutes. Alternate with pushing versus pulling as you work your arms to balance the muscle of your upper body.

Click here for printable version.

Join The Conversation
CecilyTechuan CecilyTechuan 8 years
Could you pretty please fix the login request for the printable versions? It's asking for a username and password for or some such. Thanks!
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Ah, I so wish I had a Precor. I should save up for one of these. I will try these intervals on the LifeFitness one at the gym. Fit--are these intervals the same type as the new Tabata intervals I've heard about? I'm dying to try them, since they're supposed to be super-challenging and VERY effective.
anna_muffin anna_muffin 8 years
This looks great, but the printable version requires some kind of password.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I want one at home but they're so $$$$$$$$$$$$
NouraBee NouraBee 8 years
i stopped using it for while now when ever i use it i get so tired quickly
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