How about those abs? If you are bored with your ab routine, or if you neglect your middle, here's a workout for you to try.

This video is made for you to play while you do the exercise. Think of it as a quick little workout with a voice leading you along and a counter in the lower lefthand corner counting down your reps.

So don't just watch. Watch and do. Then be sure to work your abs at three days a week. Your belly will thank you for all the attention.

For a few tips, just

  • You want to make sure you are working your deep abs the entire time. So focus on pulling your navel to your spine.
  • To keep tension out of your neck when doing crunches, think of holding an orange between your chin and your chest. Don't juice the orange, but don't drop it either.
  • When performing toe taps and heel taps, keep the torso and pelvis totally still. Use your abs to do this.
  • Have fun with the Hip Ups, but remember to control the motion and really scoop out your low belly.
  • When twisting to work your obliques, isolate the movement to just the rib cage. Don't move your low back.