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Should You Avoid Modified Corn Starch?

When I was checking out all the yogurts at the grocery store to do the yogurt breakdown, in the list of ingredients on many of the containers, I saw modified corn starch. Although it sounds super unappetizing and something I wouldn't want to eat anyway, I'm wondering, is it something that's unhealthy?

To find out

Modified corn starch (also called modified food starch) is an additive that's made by treating starch, which modifies one or more of its physical properties. This change may affect the texture, how fast it dissolves, or how easily it can be digested. The starch can come from corn (as stated) but can also be made from wheat, potato, rice, or tapioca. It's added to foods to act as a thickener, to acquire a certain texture, or to keep foods moist.

Modified food starch is typically added to processed foods such as sauces, pie fillings, and gravies. They're not healthy in the respect that they don't add any nutritional value to food, but they aren't harmful. People who have gluten allergies should stay away from this ingredient though, unless a food containing it is labeled "gluten free."

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knightbright knightbright 3 years
I don't know about all types of modified food starch, but "Ultragel (available on Amazon) the one I use is made from waxy maize, so it is both gluten-free and non-GMO. They modify it by taking a the cornstarch mixture and spraying it through a blower, so it looks like a snowflake under the microscope. No chemical modification. It dissolves instantly (that's one reason I like it) and I use it to replace fats (like in mayonnaise) and sugars (like in jam) that are used to thicken food. I call it my kitchen duck tape, because it can sure fix alot of my problems.
Rus15502959 Rus15502959 3 years
I have not done my homework on this product, but I am convinced that it cannot be good. I admire caffeine experiment in the college lab, and sure it tastes the same. However, many chemically made products tastes like organic. That's the whole point. Think about drugs they work on our body through interacting with tissue receptors in the same way as our body hormones would. Although there is one big exception. It's not well granulated (made). After it act on the receptors it overfills it, makes receptors less receptive. It is also harm organs like kidneys, liver by excessive debris (as they act as a natural filters). I am not saying modified starch is the same thing as drugs, as I do not know how this thing made/works. Drugs are helpful to fight diseases and other illnesses. But my main concern is that I went to buy a can of corn (raw corn) and bought a can of cream style corn. The ingredients of it: water, corn, sugar, modified corn starch and salt. What a *** It's not corn it is a mix of chemicals. I just have a question was it a good move to reduce costs for food producers to switch to that crap? Is it? If I add health costs. Would it be still worth for the entire society?
walnutluv walnutluv 4 years
"modified food starch" is not on my ingredients list for good reason... What's sad is that so many people, label people who don't eat GMOs as weird and radical. Same for vegans, vegetarians, it really so weird to care about one's own health? Or to care enough about the world to make a difference wherever one can? Since there are so many prospective and fellow health-nuts around, here are some friendly tips: Eat simply. Like, rather than buying banana ice cream...freeze a banana into chunks, and blend. Add honey or blend some nuts, or add whatever toppings you want. Yes, eating healthy really is that simple. And yes, the food tastes delicious! Don't use processed stuff, unless you are at someone else's house and you must politely accept. It's when you consistently allow modified-whatever substances like this into your body that is so unhealthful. And if you're ever confused about using an ingredient (like corn-starch) ask yourself questions like... "is this necessary to life?" "will i be eating this consistently?" "are there other healthy or non-sketchy alternatives to this?"
claudiasofia10 claudiasofia10 6 years
so, the modified corn starch is bad??everything i bought has Modified corn starch and soybean oil =( tell me
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