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Shoulder Exercises on an Exercise Ball

Get on the Ball: Side Raises for Your Shoulders

Looking to strengthen your shoulders and upper back? Supporting your body on an exercise ball while using weights allows you to stabilize your torso, but it also challenges your balancing abilities.

  • Place the gym ball on a flat surface and put your hand weights on the ground, on either side of the ball.
  • Now place your belly on the ball. Straighten your legs behind you and make sure your feet are slightly wider than hip distance apart. Your legs will be working to keep you balanced on the ball, so roll the ball back far enough to keep your toes firmly planted. For extra support you can put your heels against a wall.
  • Pick up the hand weights with your elbows pointing straight back (as shown in the first picture). As you inhale, straighten your arms out diagonally (as shown in the second picture). As you exhale, bring the weights back to the first position.
  • Do a total of 15 reps, and repeat 3 times, using a 3-5-lb. weight. Try to breathe deeply so your movements are slow and controlled.

Fit's Tip: The neck position in these photos is not great, try to keep you neck aligned with your spine so you will be looking down at the floor.


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