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Show Us What's in Your Grocery Bag

Grocery Shopping in Pictures

OnSugar blogger Running Nina shared with us this picture of her recent trip to the grocery store. Looks good, Running Nina!

Today I went to Jewel because we desperately needed some groceries in the house. I took my big green lululemon bag and decided that once the bag was full, that would be it! Look at all those goodies! I did take out the bananas and bread from the bag so they wouldn't get squished, but they would have fit in there! Loads of deals to be had here . . . I got all of this for a mere $40.

To see the stylish lululemon bag that she fit all of her groceries in, head over to Running Nina. And why not start your own OnSugar blog, and show us what's in your grocery bag? Your posts could be featured here on FitSugar.

RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
Yes I know my dollars can go farther at Trader Joe's but I didn't have time so I went to Jewel. At Jewel this is a lot for $40. Trust me! And because I am not home too often I still have some yogurt, peanut butter, flat outs, granola, cereal, and club soda. If I went to Trader Joe's I would have gotten many of the same items, so how would Trader Joe granola be a lot healthier than Jewel Granola? Same with the bread. And apples/cucumber/etc.
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
Thanks cowboyplus. It is definitely hard to balance out all the 'bad' things a person might eat when 'good' things are still processed.
cowboyplus cowboyplus 7 years
hi running nina, it's anon #4 from above. my post was not a criticism of you, but of fitsugar, because you are right, a lot of "health foods" are in fact highly processed, full of sugar, and not that good for you. i don't think it's right for fitsugar to say that it is exceptionally healthy. that being said, i appreciate your balance.
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
Of course there are healthier options and I generally do buy more produce but on this day I didn't.I actually wanted to get grapes and strawberries and other fruits/veggies but I passed because none of them looked that good. Yes, of course there are healthier options of foods to eat but there are a lot more unhealthy options. America is full of processed foods, you can't go anywhere without finding something that is processed, even in those health food stores there are processed foods. Again, I do not claim to be a healthy eater, I didn't post these to show you all what my 'diet' is like, this post was created to show what I bought that day that all fit into my bag and how it helps a budget.
DeMaria482 DeMaria482 7 years
I went to the super health store, and for the first time I found the natural peanut butter with no salt. I mean they really made it from all natural.. I was nervous about it, I wasn't sure if I would like it. I am glad I brought it! I feel no guilty about it. Berzerker - of course we all know how to cook. We are young - no need to stress to know the advance levels of cooking. We gotta appreciate the simple foods!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I should post a picture of what I buy at the grocery store. It's like 80% produce and 20% other stuff. Sure, this food has health benefits, but it's also very highly processed. Sorry, but yeah, I think there are healthier options out there.
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
I didn't even know you could make your own peanut butter...I doubt I have all the tools needed to do that! Heck, we don't even have a blender/food processor/hand mixer. Lauren, I didn't even think about aspartame. I've eaten tons of other yogurts and this is really the only kind I actually like. I don't like any other flavor than vanilla and some of the consistency of others really irk me.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
I think everything is pretty healthy-- but not the yogurt, it's filled with aspartame! You might want to try switching to Plain :)
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
Thanks runningesq. It's just funny because clearly this is not the only food I ever eat, and I didn't write the post as a look into my eating lifestyle! It just so happened that this is what I got at the grocery store. My mom actually went grocery shopping to get more stuff and she came back with angel food cake, animal crackers, ice cream, popsicles, and tons of stuff I don't want in the house!
Berzerker Berzerker 7 years
If it works for you, more power to you. However, I do make my own bread and peanut butter, and that works for me. (But not yogurt or granola, those are gross IMO;))
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Nina - I think your food looks great... I'd ignore all the "anon" comments !
RunningNina RunningNina 7 years
I don't consider myself a healthy eater, but certainly compared to what is available to eat and what I used to eat and how much I ate, this is healthy. Also, this is just a small showing of what I eat. Not pictured are the salads I eat from the salad bar at work, nor the fresh fruit I'll eat as well. As well, I spend a lot of time at my boyfriend's house and for dinner we cook fresh meats and veggies for our dinners. In regards to cooking, no I don't really know how to cook that much. My mother never learned and thus can't teach me beyond chili and deviled eggs, which I don't eat anyways. I can take a recipe and cook it pretty well, but that's not often. In regards to processed foods, how many of you make your own peanut butter, yogurt, granola, or bread? I think it's pretty standard that those are store bought.
Berzerker Berzerker 7 years
I also Agree with anon #3. Not to mention, does no one know how to cook anymore?
TiVo TiVo 7 years
Mmm! Flatout Wraps kick butt.
jessvogel85 jessvogel85 7 years
Quaker oat square cereal is the best! I wish I had a Jewel by me so I could snag that sweet deal!!
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