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Is Shower Water Safe to Drink?

Is It Safe to Drink From the Shower Head?

If you're like me, your days are jam-packed with family responsibilities, errands, work, and exercise, so finding ways to save time whenever possible is always helpful. Recently a friend of mine told me that since she needs to rehydrate after sweating it out, and she also needs to shower, she drinks from the shower head to save time. I immediately thought, "Interesting time saver, but a good idea?"

If you guzzle from the shower head, stop! To find out why keep reading.

Not only have studies found that shower heads are breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria, but the actual hot water may not be safe to drink. Why? The hot water tank that holds the water for your shower can be a place where bacteria grows. The elevated temperature affects the chlorine in your water, so it may not able to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hot water also tends to corrode pipes more quickly than cold water, so you may end up drinking lead or dissolved metals when you sip from the shower head. Pretty gross, huh?

If you absolutely can't break free from this habit, it's best to have the water tested to make sure it's safe to drink. This is easy if you shower at home post-workout, but not so easy if you shower at the gym. Instead of taking any chances, bring a water bottle in the shower with you and chug from that.

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