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Side Effects of Eating Too Healthy

8 Hidden Secrets of a "Healthy Diet" Most People Never Think About

Side Effects of Eating Too Healthy
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When you start a "healthy" diet, where you're loading up on fruits and veggies and reducing sugar intake, you'll probably expect to feel fabulous. While you might reap some excellent benefits, like perhaps more energy, clearer skin, and better sleep, you might also be overdoing it. If you are, you'll likely find a few hidden side effects that aren't necessarily expected and bust some health myths you should stop believing now, said Kelly R. Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN.

"It's also worth noting eating 'healthy' is different for everyone and doesn't necessarily mean only eating whole foods or many fruits and vegetables. If one is in good health, they'll be getting adequate amounts of nutrients from food while also being flexible so that their eating patterns support their mental health, too," Jones said. Still, while it's individualized, it's easy to go overboard and set yourself up for a few compromising consequences. Here are eight little secrets about eating healthy that not many people are aware of before diving into that big bowl of kale.

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