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Are There Sidewalks In Your Neighborhood and Do You Use Them?

If you don't have a sidewalk to walk on the chances are high you won't walk places. I read recently that people feel that their fitness plans are foiled by neighborhoods that just don't promote walking as a means of transportation. Subdivisions are built with no sidewalks and some urban areas are full of dangerous intersections unfriendly to pedestrians. It seems that as a nation we are starting to pay attention to how our built environment affects how we live.

I feel lucky to have sidewalks and a bunch of fun and useful places to walk to on those sidewalks. How about you...


sittingonawall sittingonawall 10 years
Huh there is such a thing as having no sidewalks in AMERICA? I used to live in Africa (I'm German) and I thought the only reason they don't have sidewalks is because it'S a third world country. In Germany there are sidewalks everywhere, even in most villages.
jendudley jendudley 10 years
I wish I had sidewalks....very busy street. BOO! :(
MissFashionista MissFashionista 10 years
when I came down to TN from NY I thought that since Nashville is a city there would be some sidewalks.. there are very few so even though there isn't much in the way of sidewalks that take me to my job, I still walk those 3 - 4 miles anyway :P
Adrianne Adrianne 10 years
I voted other. I live in an apartment complex, however, there is a small neighborhood behind the complex but I don't walk there because it seems trashy and seems as if pervs live there, also, because I know a few of my classmates who live in that neighborhood. Instead, I walk at the park in the mornings, where I know not as many people are there and it's much more quiet than the morning hustle and bustle (because I live across the street from a public high school).
Phil Phil 10 years
Yep, plenty of winding sidewalks and I use 'em frequently. I'm no more than a few miles away from the gym, grocery store, movies, bank, book store, etc. So whenever I need anything and I'm not under any time constrictions, I take a walk or jog.
piraterie piraterie 10 years
There aren't really sidewalks in my neighborhood now, but they are adding some lanes to the major road I live on and also adding sidewalks, so that will be lovely. But there is a bike path right behind my place that I can use (and do use) to walk down to where there's a grocery store and coffee and restaurants. Very nice. But it'll be great to have the sidewalks so I can walk the other way and reach a mall and movie theatres and many more stores and restaurants.
mudnessa mudnessa 10 years
the sidewalks stop and start for no reason in my area. they put in sidewalk in front of complexes, but just right in front, you walk one inch past the property line and it stops, then it will start again however far to the next shopping center or apartment. they do the same thing in front of schools, its quite ridiculous, especially since elementary schools are the only schools that have bus services!! so all the middle schoolers and high schoolers whos parents cant pick them up can walk on a sidewalk to the end of the school property but they are shoved onto the street to walk!!
Meearya Meearya 10 years
I live in New York City, so yes, of course, there are sidewalks pretty much EVERYWHERE. On an average day I walk at least 4 miles, just going to work and back, not to mention the errands I do while at work and after work. One of my favorite things to do, especially, in the fall, is to take long walks before or after work. There's something about the fast beat of this city that makes walking so enjoyable, not to mention the people watching! I plug in my headphones to drown out the traffic and street noise. I love NYC!
ClassicsDiva ClassicsDiva 10 years
I'd rather live in the middle of nowhere with no sidewalks, and go for walks with no purpose, and have peace and quiet and not be bothered by anybody, than live in this god-forsaken city (sorry, Philly, but I think all cities are god-forsaken, so it's not just you), where there is so much traffic, and so many drunk college students, and creepy middle-aged men who hit one you in foreign languages. I hate cities so much. I don't care if they have the best sidewalks in the world, if they're crowded and noisy, I'm still going to hide inside. Sorry for the rant. I just moved here about a month ago, and I'm really starting to get homesick.
goodbyekitty goodbyekitty 10 years
I live out in the middle of nowhere so of coarse we have no sidewalks. :(
syako syako 10 years
maisiegirl, I'm so jealous. My husband and I plan on moving to Denver next year! I can't wait to be able to do all these things you wrote about!
maisiegirl maisiegirl 10 years
Yes. My neighborhood is just a few blocks west of downtown Denver and is one of the original historic neighborhoods which is very young, full of dog lovers/walkers, and just folks who really love to take advantage of the great sidewalks and walks around the area. Bikes are also popular, but this is a walking 'hood where people walk to the main restaurant/shops area or they walk to and around Sloan's Lake to take in all the people watching, exercise and the great mountain views! It's really quiet lovely.
wiggle wiggle 10 years
When I was in highschool I lived in a sub division with zero sidewalks - I remember thinking that was so stupid! I moved to the 'burbs after living in a city. You couldn't walk anywhere. So happy that I live in a city now!
rc rc 10 years
I'm lucky enough to live in one of those cool san francisco neighborhoods with lots of shops, restaurants, bookstores, etc. That's a blessing and a curse. Fantastic 'hood and all, but prefer not to walk past my favorite pizza place every day, know what I mean! On the other hand, bicycling has been a godsend for me this summer. moving too fast to stop and eat all the time, burn more calories in the end. :-)
i-am-elle i-am-elle 10 years
I use'em!
mizz_jennii mizz_jennii 10 years
yup there are sidewalks, i use them when i walk my dog :)
merymery merymery 10 years
This is just one of many, many reasons why I love NYC!
sammyof2 sammyof2 10 years
i just moved from phoenix where sidewalks are everywhere to ohio where theres barely any. i dont like it because its hard to take my boys for a walk without worrying if their gonna get hurt by cars or something else.
blackjade blackjade 10 years
I live on a hill and almost everything I need is w/in walking distance. Farmers market on Saturday, movie theater, new gelato spot, cafes, bars, natural foods store, burrito shop (and soon a new Trader Joes) all within a 3 block radius. I love it. And I barely get winded walking up the hill back home anymore
acemonkey acemonkey 10 years
I remember growing up with sidewalks. Now, you hardly even see them anymore. Where have all the sidewalks gone?
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
I do have sidewalks, but it's along one of the most used roads in our city annnddd yea it's kind of scary with cars and semi's whizzing past you! But I do try and walk as often as I can afford too!
kiwitwist kiwitwist 10 years
There are sidewalks in my area... the ones in my subdivision are pointless because they are halfway up the persons driveway so there is ALWAYS a car in the way.. so I just walk on the road. But when I walk on the main big road then I take the sidewalk.
syako syako 10 years
No sidewalks. None. Ridiculous because within 1 mile of my house is a grocery store, restaurants, video rental place, fast food, nail place, etc. etc. and I can't even walk there without going through grass as tall as my waist! I hate where I live for this very reason.
Tutta Tutta 10 years
I have pretty good sidewalks and this great walking/bike trail near my house so I use that to my advantage and get out on the bike in the evenings after work!
Milisa14919767 Milisa14919767 10 years
Some streets where I live have sidewalks, others don't. And the streets that do have sidewalks often have broken sidewalks that are older and damaged by age and tree roots, meaning sometimes it's safe to walk in the street. I use sidewalks when they are there and safe to walk on.
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