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Signs of Dehydration

It's summer and it's hot out. Your body produces sweat to cool you off, so in order to make up for that lost fluid, you should be drinking more water. If you don't, you could be at risk for dehydration.

Our bodies are 50 to 75 percent water, so if a person gets dehydrated, it means the amount of water in her body has dropped below the level needed for normal body functioning. You can get dehydrated from a bad stomach bug (you lose a lot of fluid when you're constantly visiting the bathroom). Athletes and people who do a ton of physical exercise can risk dehydration if they sweat a lot and don't drink enough water as they workout. Being out in hot summer heat can also put you at risk.

Here are the signs of dehydration:

  • feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • having a dry or sticky mouth and throat
  • producing less urine, or dark-colored urine

If you are suffering from these symptoms, drink water! Or in extreme cases drink something with electrolytes. Dehydration can usually be treated by giving your body the water it needs. To prevent dehydration in the first place, drink water throughout your day. If you're planning on exercising, drink 8 oz 20-30 minutes beforehand.

Be weary of diets that encourage you to limit your fluid intake — if you don't drink anything, you'll be losing water weight, not body weight. That means when you go to drink a glass of water that your body needs, you'll "gain" that weight right back.

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music10v3r music10v3r 10 years
Yeah I need to drink more water.
roberto roberto 10 years
I don't think 8oz is enough to drink before hand. Even if you do bring water with you, 8oz isn't that much. I drink 16oz of water with cytomax mixed in 35-40 mins before I exercise then another 8-12oz of ice water 5-10 mins before I run. I don't bring water with me, I just know where to run to get water halfway through my 30-40 minute run.
Curious-Alice Curious-Alice 10 years
I'm not very good at remembering to stay hydrated, though I have been getting better about it lately. Carrying a water bottle with me wherever I go seems to be helping.
catesugar catesugar 10 years
It is true that you should continue to drink water throughout the day, however, one thing that is often overlooked is the need to ingest food as well. On a hot day when you're doing exercise you might not feel like eating, but if you are perspiring enough, even if you think you've consumed sufficient water, you need to eat in order to avoid dehydration. Once you become dehydrated and experience symptoms such photosensitivity, headaches and vomiting then you really ought to consider seeking professional medical assistance. Drinking more water and not ingesting salts and sugars at this stage is unlikely to reduce the symptons with any rapidity. This is because symptoms such as those that I have described indicate depletion of electrolytes (this is a reasony why people can suffer badly from water intoxication). If you suffer from vomiting and headaches from dehydration, the quickest way to feel better is be placed on a drip. If you can't do that, then ingest something like Gastrolyte (tastes pretty nasty, but it's hard to throw up). I agree that sports drinks won't do the trick.
Baby_Jatti Baby_Jatti 10 years
You should also drink a lot of water if you drink a lot of coffee as it dehydrates the body too.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
ahhh love water...ive been drinking it so much for the past 9 months or so i can just tell when i havent had enough...these clues definitely apply!
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