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Signs You Know You're Obsessed With Yoga

Top 10 Signs You're a Devoted Yogi

Yoga is a huge part of my life, ever since a friend introduced me to the ancient practice in college over a decade ago. I do a little bit every day, but I'm definitely not as obsessed with yoga as some of my friends. Are you? Here are 10 signs you are unmistakeably a yogini through and through.

  1. Your voicemail begins and ends with "Namaste."
  2. Black leggings are your LBD.
  3. At your fave Mexican restaurant, you accidentally order a "Chaturanga" instead of a "chimichanga."
  4. You think yoga is better than Pilates, although you'd never dare say it out loud because it's not very yogic, and it'd be bad for your karma.
  5. When you have a headache, you do a headstand instead of popping Tylenol.

I'm just getting started. Check out five more signs when you read more.

  1. You spring into a spontaneous Tree Pose whenever waiting in line at the grocery store.
  2. Your idea of a dream vacation is to travel to some secluded island and eat nothing but fruit and do yoga from sunup till sundown, seven days straight.
  3. When someone cuts you off in the car, instead of yelling obscene profanities, you chant a calming Om.
  4. Your outfit isn't complete without accessorizing with bindis, mehndi, a nose ring, mat bag, and mala beads.
  5. You're thinking of changing your name to Lakshmi.

OK, so maybe you're not that into yoga? Check out the top 10 signs you know you're a health nut or running fanatic.

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