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Signs You're a Gym Rat

10 Signs You’re a Gym Rat

The gym rat is arguably the greatest rat of all. She's goal-oriented, strong, fast as a bullet, and knows the best order and time of day for working a room full of complicated machinery, pumping serious iron, and zapping calories. Has all your time sweating it out indoors turned you into a serious rat? Here are 10 signs you might be part gym rodent and a full on workout wonder.

  1. You map out your daily workouts on your Google calendar and set it to send you a text reminder but never actually need the reminder. You're on the routine like a rat on cheese.
  2. You know the gym staff's schedule. They know your middle name, job, and birth date.
  3. You have a favorite set of dumbbells, favorite treadmill, favorite place to stretch, and so on.
  4. You notice when a fellow rat wears the same shorts or tee in one week.
  5. You've made up life stories for the other regular characters.

For five other ways you know you're a gym rat,


  1. You regularly shun or reschedule social activities to work around your scheduled gym time. Your motto is: Efficient workout first, fun later.
  2. You know which gym goers hog the treadmill, weight machines, and TV remotes.
  3. You've architected a plan for streamlining the gym's efficiency in your mind and find yourself discussing it with your spouse or friends.
  4. You're the mayor of your gym on Foursquare. Or you would be if you checked in.
  5. When you can't be reached, your friends or spouse just assume you're sweating it out.

What makes you a gym rat (or not)? Tell me in the comments section below.

Join The Conversation
lornainak lornainak 4 years
when one starts to ware their workout bras under work clothes you know you're a gym \u00a0
gymratdenise gymratdenise 5 years
This article was really funny!  I think I can relate to nearly all 10 items.  I have a nickname for my stairmaster and a name for my pretend sitcom with the other gym rats as characters.  I of course, am the star of the sitcom.       I have gone so far as to welcome the new employees to my gym.  Oh my!        
nuckles nuckles 6 years
How about- you know other gym rat's workout routine and weekly schedule, but not their names?
amber512 amber512 6 years
I'm there pretty much daily but only #3, $4 and #10 apply to me! :)
AngieNewton AngieNewton 6 years
Hilarious! When I saw the title of your blog post I just knew you would mention foursquare. I have had the gym rat badge for weeks, someone took it away and I got it back the next day LOL I'm always at the gym. Oh and yes to Google calendar...OK maybe my workouts go in a mind map HA
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I'm not that bad, probably because I mostly work out at home. But I can definitely relate to most of those!
Hotlegs-Runner Hotlegs-Runner 6 years
OMG! Big YES to all! =D
secretagentspy secretagentspy 6 years
Ha! That's a good one michiny
michlny michlny 6 years
How about when the instructors make up most of your FaceBook friends?
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