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These 11 Signs Point to One Thing — You're a Hardcore Runner

Jan 15 2016 - 12:35pm

Whether you do it for the runner's high or because it's the most effective way you've found to drop pounds, it's easy to fall in love with running. And some people take it to the next level. Here are 11 signs you're more obsessed than the average Joe.

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When someone asks you out on a date, you assume it's to go running.

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You wear sneakers at all times, just in case you can squeeze in some quick intervals.

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You'd rather kick up some dirt than kick back with a beer.

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You own more sports bras than regular bras.

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For your birthday, you'd rather see a box from New Balance than a box from Tiffany's.

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You've been seen running in your sleep, and this is what you're dreaming about.

Some days you feel like you could keep going and going . . .

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When your heart is pounding, you're breathing heavy, and you're covered in sweat, you're not in the bedroom.

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Carb-free? Heck no. You're all about carb loading.

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With runs like these, who needs therapy?

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It's the one thing that makes you feel this way, guaranteed.

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