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Skechers Shape Ups Shoes: Cool or Not?

If you're not willing to pay nearly $250 for MBTs, you might consider the Skechers version. Skechers Shape Ups Strength ($100) and Shape Ups Metabolize ($100) mimic walking barefoot, helping you tone your muscles and get in shape. Would you wear them?

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crrnball crrnball 5 years
I didn't have time to read all 114 comments but the first batch I read were mainly about what the shoes look like and the dangers of the shoe. I don't care what they look like but they have helped me in two specific ways; One, I like to wear them on concrete floors because they really cushion the foot. (Our local Wal-Mart has the hardest floors on earth!. 10 minutes on their floor without my Shape-ups and my hips hurt! ) Second, I developed a sore Achilles tendon on the tennis court and one day of walking in my Skechers cured me after a week of hobbling. I don't understand why, but they work! When you google it you mainly find law firms trying to find clients to sue Skechers for damages caused. My experience is the exact opposite. BTW I am a 60 year old overweight weekend warrior.
Neepain Neepain 5 years
I so much regret buying Skechers--I am currently in a leg brace and need one for more other knee too. I suddenly developed joint, muscle, and nerve problems in my legs after wearing them. Before these shoes, I exercised regularly and had no orthopedic problems. Now I'm laid up and barely able to walk.
anonymoushippopotamus anonymoushippopotamus 6 years
i don't know how/why these won out over reebok's easy tone. the reebok shoes are so much more attractive and they had better advertising. oh well.
ashleyheatherr ashleyheatherr 6 years
Those shoes are really nerdy. Every time I see someone wearing them, I just ask myself, why? Just get Nike's....
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