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Skineez Skincarewear Slimming Boot-Cut Jean

A Reader Asks: Would You Buy Anti-Cellulite Gear?

Take this poll and let FitSugar reader FitnessFreak know what you think of anti-cellulite products like these "slimming" jeans. If you have any questions about fitness gear and/or health products, post them in our Good Gear/Bad Gear community group, where the conversation is going 24/7.

The other night I was up late channel surfing and I landed on the Home Shopping Network, which was doing a special segment on Skineez™ Skincarewear™ Slimming Boot-Cut Jean ($100). The pants are touted as a "slimming garment," and are treated with a formula that's said to diminish cellulite. I'm not talking Spanx or a body shaper — they claim to actually treat, not just hide your unsightly bumps and lumps. You are supposed to treat them with a replenishing spray ($35) that "helps the garment moisturize, tone and firm and its key ingredients include shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil and Vitamin E" after six to 10 washings. Callers seemed to love the set up, which made me wonder — could it possibly work? I guess the idea is you trap the formula in your tight pants and treat your skin with it while you wear it. Have you ever tried anything like this? Did it work?

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