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You might have seen them at your local health food proclaiming to remove ear wax, improve hearing, relieve sinus pressure, and cure swimmer's ear. You probably wondered, “Do ear candles really work?”

I’m here to tell you from experience, they DO NOT. I tried the ear candle hoping it would help my sinus headaches. Did it work? Nope. Not one bit. When I cut the cone open, I did find some little waxy balls and yellow dust. It wasn't from my ear, but from the ear candle itself.

Ear wax is way too sticky to be dislodged by a little bit of suction. The amount of pressure needed to vacuum wax from your ear would be so intense; it would rupture your eardrum.

Not only do ear candles NOT work, they can actually cause injuries. Hot wax can drip into your ear causing major damage to your eardrums. OUCH. Plus, many people try using ear candles alone and have started fires.

Fit's tip: Don't fall for the at home ear candle. If your ears feel clogged with wax, call your doctor.

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