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Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Body Image?

When I head to work I'm all about comfort, so the fashion police would probably give me a ticket for my lack of trendiness. But when the weekend rolls around, I definitely like to dress up if I'm going out, especially because my girls love it when I put on heels and lipstick.

Skinny jeans and leggings are some of the biggest trends I see when I'm out, and being the health-minded person that I am, I'm wondering how you ladies feel about this fad (which doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon). Are these skin-tight pants encouraging women to feel bad about their figures, or do you think they're a great tool to motivate women to meet their fitness goals?

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itsthatgaljay itsthatgaljay 7 years
Skinny jeans show your shape, and EVERYONE was wearing skinny jeans (and most people looking good in them - it's the fit that counts, not your size). Therefore, seeing all these different body shapes looking great shows size doesn't matter as much. I thank the skinny jeans trend for helping me feel less self concious :)
smart-blonde smart-blonde 7 years
Silly me, I didn't realize skinny jeans were supposed to be an "inspirational" item. I don't own a pair because I don't look good in them, and I'd rather spend the money on clothes that show off my assets. Seeing them on other people doesn't affect the way I feel about myself. I just figure I look better in other styles.
northen123 northen123 7 years
I think it depends on your body shape, really. I mean,I used to wear UK size 14 jeans and my thighs are naturally pretty big - I just didnt look or feel right. Now I'm in size 10 jeans and I feel really confident wearing skinny jeans. We tend to see images of thin celebrities wearing skinny jeans and we assume that you need to look like that to wear them. That's unhealthy. It all depends on confidence and wearing them the 'right' way for you.
itsthatgaljay itsthatgaljay 7 years
Obviously skinnies allow no hiding of your body shape. And because of this, at least for me, they are good for body image. You get to see all different shapes wearing skinnies - at least where I go to college, which is not the most diverse place, it isn't just the ultra skinny girls wearing them. Normal girls are not just wearing them but looking good in them too.
arianamarie arianamarie 7 years
skinny jeans actually make me look skinnier! i love them! they fit me better than most jeans! and they're very versatile, you can wear them with boots, sneakers, shoes, flats, anything!
melissabritt melissabritt 7 years
I keep trying them on & I keep hating them. I want to like them but I can't. I'm a 2 & 5'5" and I still think they look like crap on me. I used to be skinnier & thought they looked bad then too. I have 1 white pair I like in the summer...that's all the love I have for skinny jeans. :( So sad.
jilly jilly 7 years
I'm a muscular & curvy size 14 and I wear skinny jeans with confidence every day. (Note: They're jeans, Levi's, not spandex-that-looks-like-jeans. I think that makes a tremendous difference.) Weird thing is if I put on my old bootcuts, I look dumpy.
vanillabean vanillabean 7 years
I think they are just plain ugly -- unless worn by a thin elementary school child.
yeokr yeokr 7 years
I have only just found a skinny style that fits me well - Banana Republic's skinny black jeans and corduroys are amazing! Skinnier than straight leg, but a little roomier than skinny skinnies. I like them a lot! I'm a size 10, on the upper end of a healthy BMI and I do not have particularly skinny legs. However, I find that having a more fitted bottom does me more favors than trying to pull off slouchier bottoms. They offset slouchier tops better, too. It takes some work to find skinnies that will work with one's body type, and most people cannot pull off the skintight jeans that Sienna Miller is wearing at the top of the post, but I don't think that means much.
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 7 years
i dont find the renamed "skinny" jeans to be a trend at all. they were around in the 80s and back then people laughed at and shunned boot cut, i feel the same now. i find boot cuts to be so baggy, droopy and unflattering to everyone. but...i was a teen i t he 80s so i am biased. i think ANYONE can wear tapered leg jeans. but i think that it may be hard to find then cut in bigger sizes, its just a matter of time before they are cut to flatter all shapes and sized. i think people should wear what they like and who cares what anyone thinks about what you look like. especially if paired with a longer top. i mean if they fit correct, they shouldnt be unflattering! agree about comments about this poll, it shouldnt be about being motivated to look good to impress other people, your body should be about being healthy, and feeling good about yourself, whatever that may be. i also find the renaming of them "skinny" by the fashion industry to be very disclusionary. what fat person is going to want to wear "skinny" jeans. poor choice of word, imo!
kclulu kclulu 7 years
I don't like that people find skinny jeans motivational for fitness. If my goal were to be to fit into skinny jeans, I would be a lot less healthy than I am now. I have muscle in my ass and legs and although I am small, I don't fit into skinny jeans. I know I am fit and I like having muscle though so I would never feel bad about myself for not being able to fit into a fashion trend. I agree with the comments above that not all styles are for everyone and you have to find what works for you. Sienna Miller may look good in her jeans that I will never fit into but I could probably kick her butt in any athletic competition;)
Ayu Ayu 7 years
I think skinny jeans look weird/bad on pretty much any body type, even skinny ones.
misshouston misshouston 7 years
Like all fashion trends, some can wear 'em, some can't. No need for drama either way.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I hate how skinny jeans look on me - I'm a pretty thin pear shape and skinny jeans make my thighs look like sausage links. I don't mind though since I'm not a fan of the trend (i'm not big on anything 80's related) and I think very few people look good in them. I personally relegate skinny jeans to the emo teenage boys since in my area that's who I tend to see wearing them. Leggings however - I'm addicted. They're so comfy! Throw on a loose flowy dress and belt and it's a work appropriate outfit that feels like pj's. What's not to love about that? You look chic while being comfortable. And I think everyone looks great in leggings, no matter what shape they are - just throw on a top or dress that works for your body type.
Beaner Beaner 7 years
I think they're a great indicator about whether I'm staying on track health and fitness-wise. And when I slip them on to go out, and I look good, then I feel good.
supercoolnat supercoolnat 7 years
With boot season here, skinny jeans have been on my mind. Unfortunately, I know my body and my issues with finding jeans in general, so I haven't even tried any on. It may be damaging to my body image to see myself in ill-fitting skinny jeans, so for now I'm avoiding them.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
I don't see this fashion trend as promoting certain eating habits one way or the other. Personally, I don't wear skinny jeans or leggings because I'm not comfortable in them regardless of how my body looks or what the fashion trend may be. Even when I was barely eating and super skinny in college, my body still had the same general shape that it has now that I'm healthier, it was just a more narrow version of the same shape. I wouldn't have wanted to wear leggings or skinny jeans then either. I'd rather dress to fit my body rather than try to contort my body to fit a fashion trend because even these fashion trends will pass.
ClassicalTorture ClassicalTorture 7 years
I'm not even big and I look horrible in skinny jeans. My legs just aren't the right shape for them. I wouldn't say they're necessarily horrible for my body image, but they are frustrating. Often times when I go shopping they're ALL I can find, especially if I'm looking for colors other then blue. Why can't black jeans come in bootcut?!
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