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Do You Make Quality Sleep a Priority?

You may just chalk up a bad night's sleep to feeling a little bit off the next day, but in reality, regularly getting a bad night's sleep can ruin your health.

A constant lack of quality sleep can lead to high blood pressure and later heart problems, and a new study is looking at the correlation between waking up during the night and developing Alzheimer's. And even without these long-term effects of chronic bad-quality sleep, there are the immediate ones: the next-day grogginess, irritability, and feeling foggy-headed.

Do all these bad effects encourage you to make getting quality sleep a priority?

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Join The Conversation
tylerspraul tylerspraul 5 years
I haven't always done this (especially in school), but am now working hard to improve!
amber512 amber512 5 years
I absolutely have to make it a priority or I can't get anything done!
Shrutis4efensesoap Shrutis4efensesoap 5 years
Well bcoz of my work I am not able to get quality sleep. I know it is affecting my health. I am getting dark circles as well as I have become weak. But than at present my priority is my work not sleep.
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