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Slice Fruits and Veggies in Advance For Salads and Snacks

Smarter Eats: Slice Fruits and Veggies to Go

There is a reason that baby-cut carrots continue to outsell regular carrots: people want a convenient, no-fuss snack. I too have been lured by the rounded edges of those cute little veggies. However, in an attempt to save money, I've been buying regular carrots that I wash and chop myself. It doesn't stop at carrots either; every Sunday I slice up a variety of fruits and veggies that I use throughout the week.

Since I've been doing this, I eat healthier. Now when I want a quick snack, I reach for some apple slices or broccoli florets instead of crackers. It also makes packing lunch or snacks for the day much easier. And even though it may sound weird, just having the fruits and veggies sliced up makes me eat more of them. I'm constantly topping things with fruit now because everything is ready to go.

Perhaps the biggest benefit I've seen from slicing up fruits and veggies ahead of time is that I cook more. In the past, when I came home tired from work, I used to just order delivery or go out to eat — not anymore. Now I make myself a big salad, or throw together a veggie stir-fry in just a matter of minutes. Perhaps I should always have quinoa and grilled chicken ready at a moment's notice too . . .

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