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If you think about your weight loss goals as a series of small changes, the prospect of adding healthy habits to your life doesn't seem so daunting. Losing weight the healthy way takes time and commitment, since you shouldn't lose more than two pounds a week. The more slowly you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off, and to do so you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Shape magazine has come up with five simple changes you can make to your life to help you drop pounds, keep them off, and live in the healthy zone. No need to tackle all these lifestyle tweaks at once. Pick one habit and focus on that one for a month, and at the end of four weeks it should be truly integrated into your life.

The first change is simple: drink more water. A wonderful zero-calorie beverage, water can make you feel full, allowing you to eat less. Signs of mild dehydration are often confused with hunger, leading people to eat when they should be sipping. Check out the other four changes in this article: Make One Change and Lose Weight.


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Trinity336 Trinity336 7 years
I started drinking more water the day I decided to try and lose weight. It helps to keep you full and I don't have to worry about becoming dehydrated now that I'm exercising every night. Also, with me, I never want very much to eat for breakfast and lunch, so I've been drinking a Slim Fast shake for those times since the shakes have a variety of vitamins and minerals. At dinner, I usually have a meat, one or two vegetables, and a starch. Before I eat dinner, though, I eat a small apple. I have a tendency to overindulge at dinner, so by eating a small apple before dinner, I'm getting in an extra fruit, but I'm also taking the edge off my hunger and that keeps me from eating too much.
kumquatlicious kumquatlicious 7 years
mamasita - I had the same experience - when I stopped drinking all soda's, and drastically cut back on alcohol (saving for special occasions/weekends out/etc instead of drinking a few glasses of wine with dinner), I lost around 5 pounds right away. And I absolutely noticed a change in my skin too, it was red, and it's slowly turning back my lovely shade of "I-need-a-tan" pale. Keeping a cute water bottle at my desk in the office helps me to drink about 80oz a day. Plus, all that water gets me off the chair often to walk down the hall. Bonus exercise. :)
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
I stopped drinking soda (I was a diet Coke addict!) and switched to water, and I lost 5 pounds, and my SKIN has never been clearer. I struggled with acne for years and years and literally it has never been this clear ever. try it!!! its so simple to do and feels great
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