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Smart to Drink smartwater?

Water to make you smarter? Could it be that Jennifer Aniston is auditioning for a new brainy role? Not quite.

Glacéau's (the folks who bring us VitaminWater and FruitWater) smartwater is vapor distilled electrolyte enhanced water or quite simply: Water with electrolytes. This means it feels like you are drinking regular bottled water but you're actually getting the added benefit of electrolytes (helps prevent dehydration), without getting the added intense flavors and calories of other sports drinks like Gatorade.

The only time I would not recommend this water is while running (unless you pour it into a different bottle) because the clean, smooth bottles are hard to get a good grip on (especially if your hands sweat excessively). However, it's great for the gym or during any other activity where you won't be clutching your water the entire time. I'd even recommend it if you had a big night out, and you're feeling a bit hung over. Buy it from Dr. Soda Company online for $1.29-$2.19 (depending on size).

Fit's Tip: Just so you know, it's really not necessary to replace lost electrolytes during normal exercise (say 30 mins of cardio) since it is unlikely that you may experience a significant depletion in those that your body normally stores, but it definitely won't hurt to ensure hydration. If you're training for a race of some sort (or just exercising a lot) then it's a great idea to consider drinks, like smartwater, with electrolytes.


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