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Smoking May Increase Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Another Reason to Quit Smoking: Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The reasons to quit smoking keep piling up and here is the latest: smoking may increase your risk for type 2 diabetes.

In a review of 25 different diabetes and smoking studies that combined involved over one million people, the data revealed that smokers are 44 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The different studies involved in the review lasted as short as five years and as long as 30 years. Heavy smokers, people who smoked 20 cigarettes or more a day, were more at risk than people who smoked only a few cigarettes a day. The study did not prove that smoking directly causes type 2 diabetes but illustrated that there is indeed some correlation between the two. I think that relationship definitely merits more research.

If you are trying to quit smoking, check out these widgets from the American Cancer Society. They will help you count down to your quit day as well as help you fight the cravings when you do decide to give up your smokes.


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