You've made up your mind - this winter you're going to learn to snowboard. Just so you know, your bum and the snow are going to become BFF. Don't stress - in the beginning, snowboarding is all about falling and laughing.

Here are some tips for new riders...

  • Dress in comfortable, loose-fitting snow clothing. Don't forget gloves, goggles and a hat. Wrists are very vulnerable, especially for beginners - consider wearing a pair of wrist guards and a helmet.
  • Get into your bindings on level ground - you don't want your board to go sliding down the hill without you. Start with just your right foot.
  • Take some baby steps up the incline about 10 feet (this is exhausting). Now plant your butt down in the snow and put your left foot into the binding.
  • Make sure your board is perpendicular to the slope before you stand up - that way you won't start sliding down. Keep your weight back on your heels.
  • To start sliding down the hill, lean into your toes. To stop, lean back on your heels. Repeat this until you get the hang of starting and stopping (very important skill).

Fit's Tip: At this point you'll want a snowboarding friend or instructor to give you a lesson on getting on and off the chairlift. Get ready for more laughing.