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Hunger is one of those things that no one likes to feel. For me, hunger means biting off anyone's head (figuratively, of course) that gets in between food and me. But have you ever gone to the grocery store when you were starving and come home with a cart full of crap you would never typically buy?

Turns out that you're not going crazy when you find yourself lusting over food (perhaps chili cheese fries) that you would never find appetizing (you don't even like chili, cheese or even french fries) otherwise. In fact a new study has found that when we are especially hungry and presented with a range of menu choices, we are more likely to deviate from our favorite meal.

So, if you're going to be heading out to eat or to the grocery store, or even to a friend's house for dinner, do yourself (and your diet) a favor and don't go hungry. If you have a little something before, you may be more likely to make healthier decisions when it comes time to eating your actual meal.

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