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So You Didn't Lose Any Weight...

So You Didn't Lose Any Weight...

During our weight loss endeavors, there comes a time when we jump on the scale and find that we have not lost any weight since the last time we checked. It stings a little at first, I know. We think, "I've been working my tail off and I haven't even lost a single [insert explicit profanity] pound?"

We've all been there and it's a hard place to be. iVillage, always true to form, puts a positive spin on such a seemingly depressing event. At least you didn't gain any weight either. This is a big accomplishment since not gaining weight is hard work! Keeping a steady weight offsets the weight that creeps up on you through the years. Take a step back and celebrate those plateaus, rather than dread or get frustrated by them.

Once again... So you didn't lose any weight, well at least you didn't gain! Congratulations and good luck next time you step on the scale, but remember if you still don't lose, it's OK, you'll get there.

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