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SoGreen Frozen Yogurt: Heir to Pinkberry?

First, there was Pinkberry, then Red Mango, and now: SoGreen Yogurt. Apparently, if you're going to open a frozen-yogurt joint nowadays, it's imperative to have a color in the name. SoGreen is the latest follower of the real frozen yogurt trend. Rather than just being low fat or low cal like some softserve treats, this type of frozen yogurt contains active cultures that aid digestion and help boost your immune system.

Right now, SoGreen has just one store, and it happens to be on the same block as Sugar HQ. So I decided to taste test the yogurt and tell you all about it. For details on SoGreen and this yummy trend,


In addition to SoGreen, this week San Francisco is also getting its first Yogen Früz, which is a real-yogurt chain based in Canada. Like Pinkberry, which was officially classified as frozen yogurt earlier this year, these soft, creamy treats are very tangy and just a little bit sweet.

SoGreen offers just three flavors — original (plain), strawberry, and green tea — along with a variety of fresh fruit, grain, and nutty toppings. I got the original flavor, topped with fresh strawberries; according to the SoGreen website, the small size (five ounces) has just 125 calories. I love the tangy yogurt taste, and I can satisfy my sweet tooth without putting a bunch of unnatural junk in my body.

At least, I don't think I'm putting junk in my body, but I must admit, I'm not entirely sure. After all, pinkberry had to tweak its formula after making false claims about its naturalness. But SoGreen certainly doesn't taste suspect; in fact, it tastes delicious. So tell me: Have you jumped on the real-frozen yogurt trend?

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