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I am not much of a soda drinker. After repeatedly reading that liquid calories are the bane of weight loss, I am not often tempted by soft drinks. Even the promise of a calorie-free soda doesn't sway, since diet soda is not really good for your health.

This morning, I saw this public health advertisement on the back of a bus, challenging folks to a soda-free Summer. Of course I think it is a great idea, but I wouldn't be giving up anything so it is easy for me to think it's cool. What about you? Do you think this a good idea? Would it be easy or hard for you to do?

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skinny-latte skinny-latte 8 years
i tried giving up diet coke.. way too hard.
lollofit lollofit 8 years
You know what? I'm actually gonna say "not cool" on this one.. I rarely drink pop at all, maybe a couple times a year. Those times are usually in the summer, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I love rootbeer floats but why would I want one in October? I think making something taboo is part of what makes it so desirable.
KimGaleazRD KimGaleazRD 8 years
As a registered dietitian for over 28 years, I try to help everyone understand that no one food or beverage, including full-calorie and diet soda, is “bad” or “unhealthy.” And an “all or nothing” approach to healthier eating habits is usually not realistic – or even necessary. Absolutely everything can be enjoyed if you truly practice the concept of moderation. That means focusing on staying within your own personal calorie level, choosing the right amount of the nutrient-rich food groups, exercising/moving more with increased physical activity, and even enjoying sweets, treats and sugary beverages and desserts in moderation. Certainly diet sodas and beverages work great to help keep beverage calories under control. I’ve been drinking them since the mid 1970s and my weight has always been exactly at an appropriate level. And here’s something about soda that you may not realize – it counts as hydration. Yes, ALL beverages hydrate and for the science behind this recommendation, you can check the Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness.
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
I dont drink anything but green tea and water anyway.
nia0nia nia0nia 8 years
whenever i want soda i now drink fizzy water with a lot of lemon juice and ice - it's ultra-refreshing in the summer heat and barely no calories
lexy539 lexy539 8 years
you guys really need to quit it with the diet drinks. i read a study today that said 63% of our water sources have artificial sweetener in them!!! that's sick!!! use honey or another natural alternative to sweeten your beverages so the rest of us who make a conscious choice not to liter our bodies with chemicals can continue to avoid them, consciously or not.
miamixo miamixo 8 years
Not cool, I'll be drinking diet dr.pepper till the day I die.
equestriennechic equestriennechic 8 years
I'm not a fan of soda.
Run2bfree067 Run2bfree067 8 years
The best way to give up soda, regular or diet, is the same as with coffe; cold turkey. After 1 or 2 weeks, your cravings will go away and you won't be tempted any more. Try replacing pop with water or skim milk for 10 days, and i PROMISE the cravings will lessen if not stop all together!
wolfjinx25 wolfjinx25 8 years
I don't drink soda much. Probably once a week at the most. However, I do drink sparkling water with lime sherbert in it. :)
Phil Phil 8 years
I don't really drink much other than water and occasionally juice, wine and liquor so giving up soda isn't a big deal for me, but I do think it's an excellent idea. We should all know by now that soft drinks have troubling cumulative effects on health. Eliminating it from our diet would do a world of good for us. Was just reading a post on NPR's Two-Way blog about Coca-Cola's recent quarter profits, attributing their success, in part, to "a switch to juices and water as the public grows wary of soft drinks." It was a beautiful thing to read (, as it must have been to read the bus ad.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My only vice is Diet Coke and I would seriously be grouchy and crabby all the time if I didn't have it. I'm not giving it up for a whole summer.
MissKris02 MissKris02 8 years
I haven't had soda for years. After a while you don't even miss it.
MLH1 MLH1 8 years
I gave up sodas and caffiene last October. I had a sip of my BF's Dr. Pepper the other day and almost threw up, too sweet! Soda free summer! better yet soda free year!!
hmweis1 hmweis1 8 years
Sorry but if diet soda is my biggest vice, then I think I'm doing OK.
JulieJean JulieJean 8 years
I think I've lost the taste for any kind of soda a while back too...surprisingly for sweets as well lol :)
weffie weffie 8 years
i enjoy a diet coke now and then, but i don't think i'd miss it very much if i stopped.
DeppObsession DeppObsession 8 years
I live off of water and only water. Lost the taste for soda :)
saracaro saracaro 8 years
I was a soda addict -- usually between 20 and 100 ounces a day. And not the diet stuff either. About a year ago, right before the start of summer last year, I quit cold turkey. It's been extremely difficult and I think I'll always be tempted, but it's quite amazing what good has come of it.
mondo mondo 8 years
Nothing wrong with having it every once in a while. Like every in moderation. I switch it up - sometimes diet soda, sometimes regular. Summer + heat + humidity + icy tall, soda = refreshing
michlny michlny 8 years
It took me so long to get off of diet soda. I couldn't do it w/o my GT's kombucha....I'd miss the bubbles too much. But diet soda is so bad for you, I am glad I kicked the habit. :)
2muchtv 2muchtv 8 years
I can't stand soda. We only keep it in the house for when someone's sick (quick calories) or guests. I dunno if this campaign will work on anyone who actually enjoys soda, but at least it's implanting an idea for the ambivalent.
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