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Soda Makes For Brittle Bones

I think it is fairly obvious that I am pro water and anti soda. It seems that the evidence against soda keeps stacking up. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently released a study on bone density and cola consumption. They found that women who drank cola regularly, diet not excluded, had significantly less bone density mass. This means those women have a higher risk for developing osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease that approximately 55% of Americans are at risk of developing.

By "drink regularly" they mean only 5 servings of cola per week. The good news for all of you soda drinkers is that non-cola soft drinks did not affect bone density in the same way.

The culprit could be the caffeine found in soda, because the potentially harmful effect was less for decaffeinated cola. Researchers think that the phosphorus content of the drinks may be the issue. The scary news is the more colas the women drank, the lower their bone mineral density. Yikes!!!

I say it is time to drink more water and all those un-colas out there. Or make your own juice spritzers with carbonated water and a splash of fruit juice. Car

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