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Soothe Your Tummy With Reed's Ginger Candy

Soothe Your Tummy With Reed's Ginger Candy

There are certain things I try to keep in my purse just in case - tissues, Advil, tampons, peppermint gum, an emergency $20 bill, and Reed's Ginger Candy.

Not only are Reed's Ginger Candy great for calming an upset tummy, they also soothe a sore throat, and really satisfy my craving for something chewy.

The recipe actually comes from Indonesia and it contains real ginger root, so this chewy treat has a bit of a bite to it. I love to pop one in my mouth after going out to eat, since sometimes restaurant food doesn't always agree with me.

Reed's Ginger Candy is made with a little sugar, so it also curbs my sweet tooth - once I have the taste of ginger in my mouth, I lose my craving for dessert. One delicious piece contains 25 calories, 0g of fat, and 3g of sugar. This just might be the healthiest candy I've ever eaten, and I wouldn't even call it candy since it's more like medicine. When I've got an upset tummy, I chew on Reed's.

Reed's also makes Ginger Brew, so if your tummy's feeling really bad, sipping down these gingerly bubbles always makes me feel better.

Join The Conversation
yeokr yeokr 7 years
I am on a big Ginger Brew kick right now.. I love that it has a sharp lemon-lime to it, too.. but ginger candies would be much more convenient!
cageyme cageyme 9 years
I will definitely look for these. I love Reed's Ginger Brews. Ginger has wonderful warming, therapeutic properties.
memorie memorie 9 years
I've had those; not a big fan of ginger at all, but it does help when your tummy is not playing nice :)
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
ooh, i love these! they're so perfect - i love the sugary bit on the outside, i feel like i'm eating a turkish delight!
jmmst49 jmmst49 9 years
I love the Ginger Altoids and these sound even better!. I always get made fun of because my favorite part of sushi is the pickled ginger that comes on the side.
verily verily 9 years
Very funny that this pops up now. I've been suffering from nausea all week, and I purposely went out & bought Reed's Ginger Brew. I've never seen these candies around.
kristyrk kristyrk 9 years
So funny how I was just talking about how I drink Diet 7up when I have a stomach ache and here is the ultimate solution!! I've heard that ginger helps but I never knew how to eat it! I just ordered some of these candies!!! Thanks FIT!!!!
mendo mendo 9 years
yea, I always eat the candy chews by ginger people. peanut butter is my favorite flavor but they make all kinds of ginger food and candies. I get it at Trader Joes, Cost Plus and sometimmes Raley's in the health food part. It's really good to have on car trips or on the plane to settle my stomach.
Seraphim Seraphim 9 years
YES! delicious! Hey Fit have you heard of They have awesome ginger EVERYTHING!!! :)
xlove33 xlove33 9 years
YUMM! Ginger anything is so good. Bundaberg also makes an amazing ginger brew and they make a diet version as well.
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