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Soothe Your Tummy With Reed's Ginger Candy

Soothe Your Tummy With Reed's Ginger Candy

There are certain things I try to keep in my purse just in case - tissues, Advil, tampons, peppermint gum, an emergency $20 bill, and Reed's Ginger Candy.

Not only are Reed's Ginger Candy great for calming an upset tummy, they also soothe a sore throat, and really satisfy my craving for something chewy.

The recipe actually comes from Indonesia and it contains real ginger root, so this chewy treat has a bit of a bite to it. I love to pop one in my mouth after going out to eat, since sometimes restaurant food doesn't always agree with me.

Reed's Ginger Candy is made with a little sugar, so it also curbs my sweet tooth - once I have the taste of ginger in my mouth, I lose my craving for dessert. One delicious piece contains 25 calories, 0g of fat, and 3g of sugar. This just might be the healthiest candy I've ever eaten, and I wouldn't even call it candy since it's more like medicine. When I've got an upset tummy, I chew on Reed's.

Reed's also makes Ginger Brew, so if your tummy's feeling really bad, sipping down these gingerly bubbles always makes me feel better.

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