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Sophia Vergara Needs a Trainer to Motivate Her — Do You?

Do You Need Workout Buddies or Trainers to Motivate You?

Are you a one-woman machine when it comes to working out? Some people find that they are the only motivation they need to get up early, brave the cold, or navigate the busy locker room in order to finish the day's workout. Or you might be the type who finds that having a workout buddy to constantly remind you about the class you promised you'd take with her or an expensive trainer waiting at the gym are necessities when it comes to getting you into your exercise clothes.

Modern Family actress Sophia Vergara is one person who needs a hand when it comes to fitness. Sophia recently told "[Working out is] paaaaaainful. I hired Gunnar Peterson, which is really fun. Because I mean, if I go alone, I'll sabotage myself. I'll do half of the workout. So I need somebody to force me to do it."

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is known for keeping actresses in shape (see a few of Gunnar's famous clients here) so it sounds like Sophia went to the right place. For me, my workout buddies have definitely been my only motivator on days when all I want to do is collapse on the couch. How about you?

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