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South Beach Diet Exercise Program Is Misleading

The latest in the South Beach Diet craze, The South Beach Diet Supercharged, is getting a lot of heat from top exercise researchers across the country.

The feature under particular scrutiny is an interval walking plan that promises that readers will burn many more calories than moderate walking and keep on burning calories all day. Researchers say no and no. They say, sure, those using the book's interval program may burn a few more calories than if they'd walked at a steady pace, but they won't burn "far more calories," and more importantly they won't burn calories for hours afterward as the book promises.

While I do feel like the South Beach Diet is a relatively good eating plan, I am not a fan of misleading customers to make a buck. So, I'm not saying that you shouldn't follow the book, just be prepared that your results may not be as dramatic as it claims they may be.

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