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South Beach Diet: Taste of Summer Cookbook

Most diet cookbooks don't really appeal to me. The recipes seem to gimmicky, difficult to make or look as if they would produce tasteless food. The new South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook is definitely different. Its pages are filled with inspiring recipes, 150 of them to be exact. When flipping through it there were so many recipes I wanted to make and that is a good sign.

There are recipes for breakfast, soups (yes, soup is a great summer food), salads, sides, sea food and more. Dr. Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet, writes in the introduction that since we have such easy access to "garden- and market fresh ingredients" during the summer months it is a great time to cook and healthy foods. All the fresh produce means nutritious phytonutrients that will protect your health.

I think this cookbook would be great not only for someone following the South Beach diet, but it's also great for people looking to cook healthy, low fat meals. Although the recipes are labeled according to the South Beach Phases, the majority of the recipes seem worthy of making, some even for guests. The only bone I have to pick with the content is in the dessert section. Some recipes call for "fat free whipped topping," and this essentially means some version of Cool Whip Free which contains partially hydrogenated palm oil which I avoid even in small doses. Other desserts, however, rely on sugar substitutes to provide sweetness which is not nearly as unhealthy and can satisfy one's sweet tooth.

Buy the "Taste of Summer Cookbook" for $19.11 from Amazon.

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bankomeister bankomeister 9 years
I just got because I was so thrilled with the other two South Beach Diet Cookbooks. I don't do the diet, but the South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook is by go-to book at least once a week. I have over 100 cookbooks and this one is falling apart from so much use. The recipes are 1. FLAVORFUL 2. EASY 3. FAST (a lot of books say this, but these really are) I don't agree with using artificial sweeteners, like splenda, so I substitute a natural alternative like Stevia instead. This cookbooks is AWESOME!
Lavinie Lavinie 9 years
i'm not much for following diets, and as said in an other article above - i'm more about eating for nutrition... but i did buy this book - not for the whole south beach diet thing, but because i really liked some of the recipes, they're yummy and great for the summer.
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