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Spain Bans Ultra-Thin Mannequins

Women are made to feel awful about their healthy size. Who could blame them with all the super thin models and celebrities glorifying their bony frames? When we go shopping, the latest fashions of tight leggings and skinny jeans are no help. Of course, smooth-skinned size zero plastic mannequins, reminding us that we could never look like that, are modeling them.

Of course, in our hearts, we know we wouldn't want to anyway, because we know how models get to size zero. These stupidly thin fashion dummies contribute to the perception that skinny is the only way to go, which in turn contributes to eating disorders. Well I can tell you that starving myself is not on my list of things to do.

Madrid and Milan banned ultra-thin models from their fashion week runways late last year, and this year the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced guidelines designed to help models eat and live more healthfully (wa-hoo!).

I was happy to find out that Spain is also taking a step towards banishing this unachievable standard. I didn't know this but about 1 in 5 Spanish women between the ages of 13 and 22 suffer from an eating disorder.

One step Spain is taking is to get rid of the super skinny mannequins in clothing stores. All mannequins will be replaced with ones that are no smaller than a size 6. They are also planning on dealing with the issue of sizes. In one store a size can fit you just right, but in another store, that same size can be too tight. So all sizes will become standardized in all stores.

Spain is aiming to make the standard go from unreal and unhealthy, to a standard of healthy beauty. Italy is becoming interested as well. I'm hoping that these recent moves made by Spain will encourage all of the world's countries to make the change to support healthy women's bodies.

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