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Speak Up: Cell Phones at the Gym?

I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. The convenience of being able to place a call from anywhere is great, but being on the receiving end makes escaping from my various duties almost impossible. I do like that I can catch up with a friend who is miles away while I take my dog for a walk, but I could never imagine talking on cell phone at the gym. Many gyms ban them, but some don’t.

Opening up a discussion on cellphone use in general is like opening up Pandora’s box, but I want to know if you use your cell phone at the gym? When do you think it's OK to use your cell phone at the gym? Have you ever complained to the management about someone on an endless call on the elliptical next to you? Are you able to block out other’s cellphone conversations by cranking your headphones? Speak up and share your feelings, both pros and cons, in the comments section below.


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AMP AMP 9 years
I don't even bring my cell phone into the gym. The gym is ME time! I don't want anyone to contact me, I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't even want to see my cell phone. And I can't stand when there are people using machines and they are on the phone. It drives me bananas.
kiwishe kiwishe 9 years
I've used my cell at the gym and I do it for the sole purpose that it's multi-tasking and I have no other time during the day to talk to people otherwise. I see other people talk on their cell and it doesn't bother me. It's actually BETTER than people physically at the gym and talking to each other! Those on the cell are usually quieter than two or more people working out together.
esmerb esmerb 9 years
I think it's so rude when ppl are having a conversation while on the elliptical. And, they usually are so into their talk they forget to pay attention to the time limit. Luckily our gym has somewhat of a phone policy. It basically states that we should have minimal phone usage.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
That isn't even right. I wouldn't even bring my cell phone into the gym. I guess if you were a parent you might want it with you but I'd put it on silent and if it rang I'd leave the room to answer it. It's rude to people who are there for a real workout when you're on a machine wasting time on the phone.
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
I use my iPhone at the gym when I do cardio (which I usually do outside in the fresh air). So if someone calls I answer. That's only happened twice. Both times I am glad I took the brief call. One was a work situation, had I not of taken it, it would of slowed me up the next morning; another was my bf on his way home from work telling me what restaurant he was picking up food from and asked if I wanted some, and it was my favorite healthy food place, so of course I did! That made me love my iPhone even more!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Ugh, I never thought about people using camera phones in the locker room. That's gross! I personally don't have issues with this because my gym is in my house, but when I did go to the gym, I kept my phone with me just for emergencies. It did bother me when other people would talk on their phones, but I dealt with it by turning up my MP3 player. I figure, people are gonna be rude and probably won't listen to you, so you may as well just deal with it.
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
I would never use my phone in the concentrating on getting my workout and i dont need any distractions. Our society just cant seem to be without our phones now...its scary. I think back to before cell did we do it?!!! Oh thats right...we had pagers!! :ROTFL: Same goes for driving and cell phone usage....its a no-no!
KatiethePirate KatiethePirate 9 years
gabiushka, I totally agree. Like I said, I'm not a cell phone talker when I'm at the gym. But I think if I'm paying for my membership and I want to talk on the phone while I'm on the arc trainer, I have a right to do so until it infringes upon other people's workouts.
susanec susanec 9 years
I hate it when people talk on the phone. They're usually louder and just annoying. Don't want to hear it. Also, don't have a conversation with someone on the machine on the OTHER side of me. Find two machines together or wait because again, I don't care.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
Well my cellphone is my MP3 player so I need to use it. I dont talk on the phone while at the gym though. Ive a couple of ppl doing it, whatevers everyone is different.
linds_lo linds_lo 9 years
No cell phone at the gym for me...or others...PLEASE!!! Just the other day I forgot my Ipod and was forced to listen to a reporter (loudly) trying to get a story about steriods out of a coach...a little league coach at that! Not only was it annoying to have to listen to this guy talking as loud as he could over the machines, but add the piped-in music and his volume went up even more. Not my best workout :(
gabiushka gabiushka 9 years
" Have you ever complained to the management about someone on an endless call on the elliptical next to you? " ???? I think I live in another planet: I dont mind people doing whatever they want on they gym. Fit didnt you just give us advice on IGNORING everyone else at the gym? People please you all sound like you would sue someone for talking on the phone, I thought this was the land of the 'free'.
avienndha avienndha 9 years
ugh, so annoying. Some lady was on the stair machine at 6 am blabbing away loudly the other day. WHO are you talking to for 45 min at 6 am????
laura6567 laura6567 9 years
i have an iphone, so since it's also my ipod i bring it to the gym. the only time i've answered it at the gym was when a friend who was meeting me there called, and i kept that convo short. i rarely if ever see people talking on the phone at the gym.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE when people are on their cellphones at the gym. even with my headphones on - i can still hear them talking and it's so distracting. if you're able to carry on a full conversation then you're not working out hard enough and at that point - WHAT'S THE REASON TO GO TO THE GYM IF YOU'RE GOING OT BE SOCIAL?
Banna Banna 9 years
I find it so weird to bring your cell phone to the gym. Its my time to focus and think, so I wouldn't want it. I find it really annoying to see people ambling along on a machine yakking away when there are other people waiting who actually want to exercise.
simplycutebecka simplycutebecka 9 years
Good gosh this is so annoying. Put that thing away, workout, when your done go to your car and use it. DO NOT USE IT IN THE LOCKER ROOM, I don't know if your taking naked pictures of people, come on. I have also noticed people screaming into their phones while working out, it's so annoying. Second, I have noticed girls on the "thigh machine" just keep going and chatting away for like 15 minutes, get off the phone, workout, get off the machine!!! Ugh. Sorry but I feel like some other folks, it's so annoying. And besides most gyms have cell phone policies but some people refuse to follow them, what is up with that, what makes you so damn special. Besides, I also see some folks just sitting on a machine, texting too. What is that about? :-O
klrouth klrouth 9 years
I can't stand it when people talk on the phone at the gym. Oddly enough, it seems to be limited to teenage girls. I find it distracting and really annoying. Yesterday for the first time ever I took my phone to the gym with me since my daughter was with a new sitter for the first time. I put the ringer on silent and if the sitter actually called I would have gone outside, not bothered everyone else in the gym.
javsmav javsmav 9 years
I guess this is the advantage of having a gym in the basement. I get no service & haven't seen anyone on a phone at my gym, so I assume they don't get service either...or maybe everyone at my gym is courteous.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
at our gym, in theory, they aren't allowed to be used in the locker rooms or on the gym floor (don't know about classes because i don't take those). but people still use them and if you point it out to an employee they usually say something like "you are free to point out our policy to them". which bites. it's the same with the 30 minute use policy on cardio at peek times. the employees don't want to enforce the rules so what good are they? one day i started loudly chit chatting to the woman on the other side of me JUST to annoy the woman next to me that was on her phone. after 20 minutes i was tired of her.
lolababy575 lolababy575 9 years
I was really shocked to see the problems that so many people are experiencing at their gyms with cell phones! At my campus rec center (I've been at two universities) and the other gyms that I've been a member with this has never ever been an issue. Everyone comes to workout and never once have I ever seen a person at any of those places on a cell phone. Period. The gym isn't the smartest place to practice multi-tasking. After reading this I'm going to consider myself very lucky and relish in the silence on my next visit to the gym :D
lisseth0221 lisseth0221 9 years
I HATE it when people are on the phone! Especially if they see me waiting to use the machine they are on and they are just taking their precious time walking at a speed of 1.5!!!!OMG! I take my phone but I have it on vibrate just in case an emergency came along. I could never have a proper workout while on the phone. Its distracting to me and for others as well.
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 9 years
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 9 years
i HATE when people use their phones at the gym. i find it incredibly rude. my feeling is, if you know you're in a place where people can't escape your conversation, DON'T USE YOUR PHONE. thankfully, my current gym is beneath ground, so no signal. holler.
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