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Speak Up: Cell Phones at the Gym?

I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. The convenience of being able to place a call from anywhere is great, but being on the receiving end makes escaping from my various duties almost impossible. I do like that I can catch up with a friend who is miles away while I take my dog for a walk, but I could never imagine talking on cell phone at the gym. Many gyms ban them, but some don’t.

Opening up a discussion on cellphone use in general is like opening up Pandora’s box, but I want to know if you use your cell phone at the gym? When do you think it's OK to use your cell phone at the gym? Have you ever complained to the management about someone on an endless call on the elliptical next to you? Are you able to block out other’s cellphone conversations by cranking your headphones? Speak up and share your feelings, both pros and cons, in the comments section below.


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